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21 Jul 10 HVAC Air Conditioning Safety

Featuring: I’ve had many people email me for technical help with their air conditioners. Walking people through the process step by step over AIM or the telephone can be a real challenge. I have no problem with giving people the knowledge to fix their own equipment. I am concerned about their safety. Telling people how to change their air filter and cleaning the condensate drain just isn’t enough for most of my viewers. It’s time I told people that sometimes you need a professional to do the work.

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    @DrZarkloff ..So you think I can get an accurate enough charge by the sight glass so my new condensing units will be properly charged, here is what I would do….I would install sight glass, charge unit until glass is almost clear, let unit run for an hour then top off the charge until glass is clear, take FLA Amp reading…

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    I live in Las Vegas, temps reach 115 to 120 in the summer..So if I install sight glass run unit for some time untill unit settles down then top off untill sight glassis clear would I be pretty close to correct charge as if I used to super heat method..Thanks DrZarkloff

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    @MrJujubean Yes, you can add a sight glass to the liquid line. It is possible to ball park the charge by using the sight glass as an indicator.

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    LOL..That poor guy, I thought his wife was going to beat him with that thing she had in her hand ….On a different note Dr..I am putting a new condensing unit in my home, is a site glass a good idea to install and can you charge a unit from the site glass..Thanks….I love all your vids…This is a funny Vid LOL

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    @PutSome5tankOnIt Thanks for watching. I like putting comedy in my videos.

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    I thought I’d seen all of your stuff. This was new one for me and it was HILARIOUS!

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    @blissJesus1 Congrats. I wish you the best.

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    Thank you Dr. Z,
    your videos always help me to understand different aspects of the trade. I was just approved to take the contractors license exam in HVAC/R, and my code books are on the way.

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    hmm, never thought about the run capacitor, thanks hopefully i never have to replace my blower motor in my crawl space, thats an ass of a job.

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    It’s a safety practice in the event you were to accidentally touch an energised circuit.

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    dr. z… whats the importance of trying to keep both meter probes in one hand if possible?

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    tnks sir.

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    tnks sir…

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    Thanks. It was a lot of fun to make.

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    If the ducts are full of mold then it would be a good idea to replace them. Otherwise, just inspect the duct for air leaks and make the necessary repairs.

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    Air leaks would allow water into the ducts? Should I replace the ducts?

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    This is a great skit. bravo!

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    It sounds like you have some really bad air leaks in the duct.

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    Your videos have explained alot. Our problem is we have water inside our ducts. We just noticed water dripping from 2 or our ceiling ducts. We opened them and see water on the walls of the flexible ducts. The A/C has been off since September, its 20 degrees today. Did this water accumulate do to a blocked condensate drain or a probem with the A/C machine itself. Also how do we dry these vents?

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    1000 fow a cumpressa..

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    New blower motor? and he’s Looking at the condenser…. hmmm 2:12

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    lol that’s funny but real.

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    You forgot LOCK OUT tag out!

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    Get real. Wa wa wa. Yes, its got stereotypes, so don’t watch SNL, dont watch this, don’t watch other youtube videos, live a boring life, go live under a rock. Stop getting so offended with, in my opinion, baseless accusations. Go look up racist, see what it really means. There is a Mexican guy posing as a Mexican and a Black guy, he may not be Mexican for all I Know, all I know is if he acted like a white guy this video would probably be boring, this coming from a white guy. Great video! 5 star

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    check that the fan is tight and dont forget to mark your color code for your motor on your main board .