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18 Apr 11 HVAC – Collapsed Return Duct

I’ve seen them. You’ve seen them. We’ve all seen them. Ducts that are mangled by others and left for dead. The HVAC service techs of the world happen upon these unfortunate victims and give them life. A fast, easy repair is all that’s needed for them to breathe hundreds of cubic feet of air per minute once again. Say Hallelujiah! Say Amen! Praise the Duct Doctors!
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Reader's Comments

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    @9020powrmax You’re absolutely right!

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    I read your description and you left out one thing, Praise the person who invented Duct Tape. Lol…

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    @SteezyProductionInc That duct was about ten feet long. I wasn’t worried about air velocity or volume loss.

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    flex duct = air friction = lower efficiency

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    what is name of the tool used to tie the straps to the coller and do u know how much it cost more or less?

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    @V8Jagnut You’d be amazed at how many HVAC problems are fixed with simple repairs like this. Few (less than 10%) calls result in replacing parts. The majority of issues can be traced back to the original installation.

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    true it holds in the hot or cold air.

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    cool. good job

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    @vongsnakorn27 I don’t beg for subscribers but I’m always willing to help out someone with an HVAC concern. I recommend you subscribe to Dr Zarkloff and Mikie2501. Those guys are two of the sharpest tools in the heat pump shed. I hope your problem is resolved quickly and inexpensively. Thanks for the comment and the compliment.

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    @67tr876 Flex is convenient and more cost effective than rigid ducting. The flexible stuff actually works very well. This is a rare situation that exposes the vulnerablilty of flex.

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    good job i enjoy your vids wish you were here in wv lol i was trying to change my heat pump thermostat earlier today and smelled something burning and hurried and turned off the breaker i’m thinkin i burnt up the transformer in my old heil electric furnace and probably the new thermostat i guess i will find out in the morning when the ac guy comes to see. The thermostat i got is a honeywell chrotherm new old stock not sure if those are good or not but it had a lot of connections lol Derek.

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    nice job. but see this is why i do not like flex duct . thank god my house is all steel duct.