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14 Apr 11 HVAC ohming compressor to ground and ohming the windings on a 3 phase compressor.

I show how to ohm compressor windings to ground and how to ohm a three phase compressor.
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    @Raptor50aus If you have ideas for a video that shows something that the HVAC schools doesn’t teach, please let me know.

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    @Raptor50aus It sounds like the compressor is shutting down on thermal protection after it tries to run. Try beating the compressor with a rubber mallet or something and see if that frees up the compressor. You’ll need to replace the compressor if it doesn’t. Sometimes, it’s less expensive to just replace the entire unit.

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    any ideas ??

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    I have a Conia portable aircon which is not getting cold.
    The compressor hums then I hear the relay then hums again.
    The capacitor tested ok. I tried another capacitor but still no good.

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    @clntravis I went to college after the service. I really didn’t have any clear direction of what I wanted to do. I did a lot of general maintenance for many years before I went to HVAC school when I was 45.

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    I was taught to go to the side of the compressor housing but i guess since the unit is grounded that it really doesnt matter.Thanks for the info sir.

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    Loving the use of the fieldpiece!One of the first pieces of equipment Ill by when I finish HVAC school.Thank you so much for the videos.Did you get into HVAC via the service?

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    Thanks for the Great Videos !
    Hi, Dr.Zarkloff i have a question for you . When my ac kicks on the lights in the house blink noticeably.I replaced the capacitor and tight all connections on the main barker box ,but no luck still the same .What is your opinion on this problem . Thanks and appreciate any help!

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    I put in a new start relay and capacitor in my 5yr old maytag fridge. It still doesn’t start. I checked my compressor as your video here and it also indicated “open line”.

    A tech showed up and told me it has “no resistance” and a bad compressor.

    Could it have been “open line” and still a bad compressor?
    Or “no resistance to a little resistance” and still be an operable compressor?

    Love your videos Doc ..keep them coming!

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    You’re a good man thank you Doc…

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    @DrZarkloff cool. i dont see them hear. check out me last vids to see a nasty cool room at the place i just got.

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    @SteezyProductionInc Thanks.

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    @mjpena53 Thanks for watching.

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    @mjpena53 Thanks. I’d rather keep them on youtube.

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    @Bocist Thanks.

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    @IChoseTheRedPill Yes. I have a megger made by Fieldpiece.

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    @iamoption1 The school board has a couple of Leibert systems in a clean room.

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    @raidermandave Thanks

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    @mechanicwarrior20 Thanks

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    @PutSome5tankOnIt Thanks. I like to illustrate the difference between residential and commercial equipment. A lot of techs seem to be stuck working on residential equipment.

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    @V8Jagnut Thanks. It’s a Bard wall hung heat pump.

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    good vid. what unit was that compressor in?

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    This is a fantastic instructional video. It’s not too simplistic while being informative to the guys in the field. You’re the boss, Doc. Nice work!

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    good video 😀

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    good vid

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