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22 Jul 10 HVAC (package air conditioners)

In this video I show what a package air conditioner looks like, inside and out.

Well its another edition of Japan Tech and this time I got a great air conditioning system for cheap. You can spend several thousand after installation and shipping. This is in regards to the split system units with a compressor outside and an air handling unit inside. I however went for the window unit with a little twist and fitted it to the sliding glass door. Almost all windows in Japan either crank open or the majority slide to the side. I almost never see the western style windows that move up and down. So the window units are all vertical. A do it yourself person can install a window unit and save money especially if you may have to move. Not hiring someone to charge and or drain the split system of freon can save money. Japan is an innovator in modern compact air conditioners and the small split systems sold in Japan are becoming more commonplace in the west as the larger bulky central air systems are expensive to buy and less efficient and very expensive to install. Both types of Japanese systems are super efficient and have loads of features depending on how much you invest. The maintenance on even the economical models is very low. Features include fully tweakable humidification, dehumidification, reverse pump heating, ionization, air cleaning and self cleaning modes. The actual design of the units make them very user friendly when it comes to popping the covers off and wiping the insides out.. Air conditioned Jacket: How air conditioners work
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    thanks for the videos,
    they are veryο»Ώ helpful.

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    Thx alot 4 this video :)

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    nic vids awesome jimmy

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    Thanks for posting all these videos, between you and a 1000+ page HVAC textbook I have no other source to learn HVAC know-how. One question, when do you use the liquid/suction line filter dryers and how do you know what kind to use?

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    I think that it is a five ton heat pump.

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    hey dr.zarkloff, how many tons is this packaged unit ?????

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    Thanks for watching.

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    Thanks for watching.

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    I have learn something from your video sir. Thank you.

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    Great info, thanks!

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    thanks for the videos,
    they are very helpful.

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    Hi Dr Zarkloff

    Keep up the good word .You are doing a wonderful job for beginners like myself.

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    thanks alot DR.

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    thanks alot even thogh iam a beginner i learned alot from this.
    I want to know about chillers capacity range and where is chillers used frequently.Hope you will help me Dr.

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    what is package type, window type and centralized type? how they differ? and pls give me some house requirements for each type of aircon.

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    Brilliant info RaiderLogic – should put me in good stead for testing inverter compressors now. Many thanks.

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    I’ve been told you could but recommend a meter. Measure the windings:-
    N-U = 0.5 ohms, N-V = 0.5 ohms and N-W = 0.5 ohms.

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    That’s good to know. Thanks.

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    Thanks for the info RaiderLogic – since listing my question here, I’ve found this out, but do you know if this 4th terminal that indicates compressor revs can be meggered or is it too sensitive for a megger test? – Thanks

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    Smoocher5 – the 4th terminal should be the magnetic pulse reader to measure the compressors revs.

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    The blower motor failed. That’s one of the other ways an evaporator can ice up.

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    I am surprised that the package rooftop unit had ice on the evaporator, it was most likely low in refrigerant, that is my guess since I know how heat pumps work and because I watch your videos almost all the time.

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    @produKtNZ Wicked!

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    @produKtNZ Yea people pay to have the units cleaned replaced, charged what ever. There is plenty of business just not so much cutting holes in the walls and running cables.

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    And i subscribed too ^^

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    Wow this is totally incredible!

    So the building are designed for a a/c unit to be installed at home owners option at a later date?

    If so; Then there musn’t be much business in home installations πŸ˜€


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    @souro19 Japan is number one !

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    oh ok…
    thank god, we call it dollar also in canada.
    how much yen is a Kanji?

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    how many joes are in 200 sq ft.

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    @pinoymetaljoe Its just that say a yen is a penny. They tend to call the note a 1000 yen note or say 10 bucks or sen yen. 10000 yen is 100 bucks or say man yen. We would say hey you owe me 1000 pennies. No we say you owe me 10 bucks… dollars. As in the rigid way Japan does things usually and especially with money………. the price is usually listed in yen each penny or yen accounted for. When you get into bigger numbers the expressions are condensed with Kanji.

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    i dont understand why their currency is so big….i mean you need thousand & thousands of yen to buy stuff.

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    no mames!

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    @biped19 yea that’s about right if your used to having space space. I have pretty much gotten used to the scaled down sizes for everything here. I still whack my head every other day on the living room door way.

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    Good video. I might have a chance to work as a teacher in Japan (Jet program). I was told by another person that the apartments are a glorified closet, measured in “tatami mats.” LOL.

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    @toddatron Your sooo lucky, Japan is absolutely amazing, have been there several times

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    I’d love to move out to Japan to live, the fact I don’t eat fish or know Japanese worries me though! :)

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    Theese are bomb, Can you get anything like this In Canada?

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    I’m moving to Japan soon during the extremely humid months, any advice other then saying cool, excuse the metaphor brotha. πŸ˜‰

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    Hei…. you need someone like me, to install your new unit, or to recharge the freon. or may be yu want to relocate the unit too. I will pump down, vacuum or servicing with chemical… I just charge you about 150.00 dollars for installation..

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    The Japanese manager was so damn funny. Reminds me of all the thousands of managers here in the U.S. HE IS Trying SO hard to look busy. LOL. :50

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    oooooo i see

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    Not unless I’m in a black bag. Well maybe to visit:)

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    so you live there now ? your not going back to the US ?

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    When I lived in Japan I got one of that. However It cools only the lower part of the room so I had to put one fan in front of it to blow the cold air up.