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21 Jul 10 HVAC recovery system hook-up and hose purge

I show how to connect and purge hoses when recovering refrigerant from an a/c system. Please do not be confused by the R-410A gauges. My R-22 gauges were broken and I was forced to use my R-410A gauges.
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This is a photo slide show of some very hacked installs and repairs done by a local Phoenix, AZ HVAC company. This company pay This is a photo slide show of some very hacked installs and repairs done by a local Phoenix, AZ HVAC company. This company pays the techs COMMISSION based on the “revenue” they bring in. That’s why these “salestechs” would just do the quickest and sloppiest work you will ever see! AND they will sell the customer a bunch of USELESS junk like Surge Supressors and Zerol Ice and have NO CLUE how to properly diagnose the REAL problems! The Inistallers are NOT paid by the hour. They are paid “Piece Work”! That means they got a fixed price to change out HVAC equipment! Do you think they will take the time to do the job properly? To code? Heck. The installers were not even TRAINED to install much of the equipment that the company was selling! The commercial work was completely out of their league. Yet the company would take commercial jobs just to go after the almighty dollar! During regular meetings and training. The techs at this company were never given any real TECHNICAL training to properly diagnose and repair the HVAC equipment. Nope! They were only TRAINED in “How to talk to the customer” so that they could sell Zerol Ice and other “Gimmicks”! This company is also being featured in a local Arizona HVAC/R newspaper for the “BBB Ethics Award”! What a crock of shit! The BBB is as worthless to a customer as Zerol Ice is for your Air Conditioner!
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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Reader's Comments

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    @viperspeed172019 Thanks for watching. You can add the initial charge to the system by the liquid side. Then you have to fine tune the charge by vapor in the suction side.

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    @ariotto1 Its really simple. Cylinder upside down and at a lower level that the compressor. Bleed liquid refrigerent up to your gages. Then open the high side all the way and walk away. I get a smoke. Come back close off the valve and fire up the unit. Only a few time in 20 years have had to top off with vapor. Bur that was easy because my cylinder line was full of liquid. Thid will work on any HVAC system.

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    hey doc z!! awesome videos….question for ya ….i see you add freon to this system from the high side …liquid…do you recommend this practice whenever you charge a system??

    thanx….your vids are killer!!!!!

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    @petesque can u explain that trick better? i really would like to try that!

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    @Khmerica26 Tonnage is a measurement referring to BTU. There are 12,000 BTU per ton. See my HVAC Safety video to see what kind of equipment you need to do the job.

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    @DrZarkloff Thanks for responding back. What is a tonnage? I haven’t learn that in class yet. So does that mean I need a recovery charge unit to get the job done? What equipments do I need?

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    @Khmerica26 Take the tonnage and multiply it by 2. Then charge that amount with liquid for your static charge.

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    @DrZarkloff can you please tell us approximately how much percent you need to fill from the high side and then from the low side after switching on the system?

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    @Khmerica26 I’d replace the temperature control for a digital control. They’re easier to keep the temperature where you want it.

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    Hi Dr z. I have a question. I have a soda machine that isn’t working properly. If I leave the unit plug overnight the soda can inside will froze so I have to unplug everytime I leave for the day. I ohm out the temperature control and is good. I am taking HVAC courses right now. So what can causes this to happen?
    Thank you

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    @petesque Cool. I know what you mean. I just like to make sure that I don’t over or under charge on package systems.

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    Dr Zarkloff.
    I like the videos. The guy who trained me was 70 years old and he taught me a trick that I have used in my 20 year career. If you can charge a system as you did here with the cylinder below the compressor and after bleeding you hose to the manifold. You can just open the high side and go take a break. I have done this for years and when I come back and run the system everything is so darn close I don’t mess with it.

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    @jonjon2121nyc Good eye. I probably did all that off camera. Some things sometimes slip by when filming.

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    @kingstonblackboy I wish that I had started my HVAC career when I was 22.

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    Hey doc. I live in Los Angeles CA and I’m intrested in HVAC I’m currently inrolled in Hvac classes for my california certification… My question is, is now a good time to join the trade??? I’m 22 years old.

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    Dr Zarkloff i watch all your videos all the time! I do HVAC myself and i think u screwed up a lil at your last purge connection before the cylinder on the discharge side of your recovery unit . shouldnt the hose have been attatched to the cylinder where from there u couldve bled the air from that hose before opening up your tank? you had the last yellow hose in your hand and then hooked it up to the cylinder and opened the valve. did you pull a vacuum on that tank? Good stuff though!!

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    @vabeach1989 The system need to be off when you put in the liquid static charge. Then you turn on the system to finish the charge with vapor the the low side.

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    Does the system needs running while giving the initial static charge on the hi side? Also, how much initial charge to give a system before finishing up the charge on the low side?

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    Do the system needs running while giving the initial static charge on the hi side? Also, how much initial charge to give a system before finishing up the charge on the low side?

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    @Wallabydam You need to charge the initial static charge by liquid in the high side and finish up the charge in the low side.

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    so does it matter if you charge form the high or low side?

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    @redhot916spd I was replacing the compressor.

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    great vacuum, why did you pull the existing refridgerant out, was there a leak? if so could you tell if there were any noncondensables in it?

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    @BiggDoggSoCal Yes.

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    Did you know how many ounces it holds by checking the data plate?

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    im glad ill be using swamp cooling when i move to AZ!

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    This is sad but true. I will share this with all.

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    well i have to agree with all of the scewed up installs there except 1.The one about the comp. bolts missing…If you would have took the time to read so manuals u would see that the comp bolts are just there for shipment and that if u have a noise issue can be removed to get the noise level down if the vibration is coming from them…..

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    Have had to repair or replace equiptment in the same shape alot

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    I have seen quite a few nightmares myself and my cell phone is filled with pictures and videos!

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    Don’t worry folks. With the future of this business going geothermal and mini split, there will be a lot less of a need for shoddy repair and installation work. Just remember that there is so much low EER equipment and laughable installations that we are really in a great industry for the comming “green” bubble. Enjoy!

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    of course! there HAD to be the idiotic comment like always,thanks for the tip ignoramus

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    that was hilarious

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    aint nohing wrong with using cable ties to put on a tx valve bulb just as long as you use 2 and do them tight.

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    I have seen some shady work from Union workers. Yes I think its better to be union but doesnt always mean your getting better work.

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    Yeah I am an installer of twelve years. I’ve been off since july. Thats why I am going to school, cause I am tired of sittin on my ass. I didn’t want to give up the 12 yrs. I am gonna add to it.

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    prepare to work about 75 percent of the time cause its so slow I’ve never seen it this bad, and your job placement counselor doesnt know about the real hvac world , your just a person they want to get out the door, look in the paper,online see how many are hiring this field is saturated with service techs, installers good luck

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    I am going to Vatterott, thanks for the pointers on the the dont’s.

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    you cant say just cause they smoked weed in, , , whait, what was i talking about?

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    I’ve had to clean up several TXVs the installers left the sensing bulbs attached the coil while brazing. It would have taken a minute to take it off and put it back on, but instead it takes me about an hour and a half to replace it.

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    when i was goin to school ..most of the techs students were smoking weed and crack in class and not paying atention in learning ..thats what happen when u put them in a job …

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    This what happen when you don’t use UNION workers you get a bunch of wetback Mexicans installing your a/c and stealing your jobs…..Buy American Buy Union because the job you save might be your own!

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    holy shit @ 1:45

    are you kidding?

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    Great stuff…my only suggestion would be to remember us old guys who can’t read so fast… 😉

    Excellent soundtrack.

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    BGreenHVAC He clearly said it was a mistake.BTW…it’s some of the many issues,NOT…some or the many issues.

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    Do you people go around the internet,waiting for some one to slip up,and use bad grammar???Most people type so fast they don’t really think about it.If you are such a good speller,join a spelling bee.

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    I started out laughing,but by the end of the video I was very upset.The 90’s installed on all the drain pans had to be the best though.LMAO Could you imagine all the units that have been changed out due to these hacks misdiagnosing compressors?

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    Good show about showing some or the many issues out there. But I find it ironic that you mock the uneducated while misusing words.

    Piece work not Peace work. There is an enormous difference.

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    he installs here are as bad. sorry i can’t get videos with my camera to work on movie maker but i will get a new camera soon

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    holy shit i thought las vegas was bad.