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21 Jul 10 HVAC Wiring Diagrams 101

This is a basic run down about wiring diagrams. The music was played and composed by Champagne Millionaire. You can check him out at:

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    great job , thanks a lot .

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    @MustangWW2 Thanks for watching.

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    @Haze2c Please check out the HVAC Honeywell Prestige video.

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    can you make a vid of how to wire the t-stat and cond. in the Air handler on a straight cool system?

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    Usually wiring diagrams scare me, but the the focus of a diagram being a type of road map will help while in lecture. You are a good technition Dr. Z

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    Good straight forward teaching. Could have done it better!

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    Good straight forward teaching. Could have done it better!

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    @dh0452 You might have. I work on a lot of belt driven blowers.

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    did I hear a loose belt squeeling back there ?

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    @MeyerG4Indiana Thanks for watching.

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    Honestly the best video/ fastest information input I’ve ever experienced. You’ve got the knack.

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    hey DrZarkloff thanks so much for sharing your knowlegde its help a lot for all who those want to learn about HVAC!!! thanks i learn a lot!!!

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    You very helpful..

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    @Sweeeeny Loose wires can definitely cause overheating. Loose bolts can cause the vibration to copper tubing to weaken then leak.

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    I have a WW geotherm heat pump on which the 240 volt L2 connector is completely burnt. The unit was NOT mounted on a vibration pad nor were the compressor mounting bolts lossened as per instructions. Can loose wires or possibly just vibration cause overheating??

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    @fidely Will it hurt? lol

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    @redhot916spd Thanks for watching.

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    its very generous of you to take time to show everyone this stuff. I am not so sure most people are going to get what you are talking about but with a little training this is helpful

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    @richyrich4566 Dude, I would recommend you to keep learning. Never stop learning. Hvac & Electricity… You would be the man!

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    Could I just get a copy of your brain instead, j/k. Excellent video, Good Introduction to wiring diagrams. Sadly I only understood half of it, the real world part. 5 stars

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    @jorjito88 Thanks for watching.

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    your videos are really helpful im currently a student in NY learning the trade as well

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    haha not bad

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    Thanks for watching.