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20 Jul 10 Ionic Hair Dryers

So many of you asked if it really makes a difference what type of hair dryers you use, and to answer your inquiry, I made this video explaining further what Ionic Hair tools does. EnJoy! Deals on Babyliss Hair Dryers: Babyliss PRO Nano Titanium Hairdryer: Babyliss PRO…
Video Rating: 4 / 5 Dryer Vent Fires Happen when you least expect it, don’t let this happen to you!

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    very informative! i’ve been wanting a ionic hair dryer but never exactly knew the difference so thank you! 😀

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    Ions arent water molecules, they are just ions, which are blown out into your hair to negate the effect of wet hair’s positive ions (positive charge), to prevent static electricity (hair sticking to eachother).

    As for “infrared technology”, infrared is heat. Thats it. It wont heat your hair from the inside, it just means that the hairdryer dries your hair by heat rather than wind.

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    now i understand the diffrence thank you!

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    you are Gay xD

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    omg thats so freaking funny.. I do the blowing into it all the time when it cuts out SOOOO annoying!

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    Why is your new ionic hair dryer shaped like a penis? 5:48

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    This is really healthy for your hair. Other normal hairdryers can damage hair, but the ionic one really does give your hair a nice smooth shine.

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    i truly love you :)

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    I just wanted to say thanks for sharing this video on ionic hair dryers. I didnt get the particular one you are talking about because I went to sally beauty supply and they didnt have it but they were having a buy one get one sale so I got an ionic hair dryer and flat iron for the price of one!! I absolutely LOVE the way my hair turned out it is so much better my hair is so silky smooth and I never would have tried them if it wasnt for this video and the pictures of the damaged hair. THANK YOU!!

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    fuckin get on with it ya radge

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    hey is this one healthy for your hair

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    I love your videos. This is a good salon quality HD. Since I just do my hair, I can save some $. I have the vidal sasoon ion select which customizes the ion level to your hair type! It is quite heavy and very cumbersome, and the cold is not too cold and hard as hell to use…but it is tourmaline and SAME performance and tech..i think the better the experience (stands, settings) the more $..I was aware that mine would not be as user friendly so I was never disappointed

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    is there a difference between ceramic and ionic hair dyers???
    i don’t think there is but i want to make sure

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    oops sorry, u just explained that…i heard that older technologies used ROPE technology

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    HI. so are how are the conventional metal heater dryers bad for your hair. I was also wondering…i have metal brushes, which I always thought make the hair style well…are those damaging to your hair…

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    my sister thinks your gay are you i hope you do not get mad about the question

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    My aunt bought me an ionic hairdryer from Conair for my graduation last year but as I don’t know how to use it, it’s just been sitting in a cabinet. Is there a right and a wrong way to use a blowdryer? I feel so bad that I don’t use it more often because I know it was pretty expensive… :(

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    i bought a hairdyer that has ceramic parts inside of it. the box mentions ionic thingy as well, is it the same as the titanium parts you mentioned ?

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    I use my hair dryer so i can gel my hair in the place i want. With out a hair dryer my hair just falls down (i like to put my bangs up and the rest of my hair down) so i dry it up then gel it then dry it once more to harden the gel a little quicker. Will this damage my hair or my scalp? I also use a Ionic hair dryer for this. Thanks for the time.

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    Thanks for the reply!

    I’m sorry but I still don’t really understand why there’s an option to turn it off. I’ve left mine on since I bought it. ;D

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    oh ok…i need to buy ionic hair dryer then…and also how do you clean hair tools?

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    thats one thing you will immediately notice with ionic hair dryers, they tend to dry hair faster than conventional ones and with less heat. And Far Infra Red technology helps to as the hair heats from the inside out for faster drying without much damage to the cuticle. For the most part, hairstyling tools do last a long time… years and years even with proper care and cleaning.

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    hhha OMG now that you mentioned that…

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    hey Sherry what did you end up getting?

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    @GOINGCRAZYVIDEOS5 This is just too crazy. My house ALMOST caught on fire. We had a frigidaire model too. It came from the matted lint on the dryer wall. Sounds similar to what happened to you.

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    You can have professional services like F.W. Services serving Atlanta areas clean your dryer vent duct. 770.455.0318

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    I just cleaned my dryer vent also. I used my electric leaf blower vacuum and I was able to suck a small pillow amount of lint then I used the blow feature to blow out the remaining lint. I thought the next step is to shop for a new dryer. I was wrong. We don;t need a new one. The vent was blocked ! Thank you for posting this life saving and money saving video

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    I cleaned my dryer vent system for the first time in 10 years, I bought a vent cleaning kit at our local hardware, I paid $57.00 it worked great our clothes now are drying on 1 cycle not 2 and its cheaper than buying a new dryer and I think it made our dryer “safer” to use, if you hadn’t cleaned your dryer vent system you should( in my opinion)

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    Till when do you do such a thing?
    Please do not use dryer.
    It is waste of resources.
    Please dry it outside.

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    Very informative and i had no clue about this before i saw this video.

    My dryer also gave similar symptoms of repeat heat cycles and dryer vent clogging. Got it cleaned today and i am relieved today that it saved me a catastrophe.

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    Just had a dryer fire. Over 200,000 damage, living in a hotel now. Our dryer was super clean but I think it had a defect where the lint collected inside the drum. It was a Frigidaire. Clean your dryer every week could of cost more damage than a burned up house.