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06 Nov 11 james douglas zeroing airgun scope

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    @118paddy if its 11ft/lbs and is accurately at that distance within a 1 1/2 inch group than yes.

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    Hi there. I’ve bought an spring air rifle last week. 0.22 cal 240 m/s,

    the dealer said that i should mount a scope after 200 shots after rifle setles in, some say its 1000 shots. How long should I wait for mounting a scope?

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    its not me in the clip, the gun he has is a ripley, i believe its a rpley elite… if so they are not available new anymore (i think) second hand you could pick one up for about £400-600 depending on condition. i dont see many for sale though. either they have all fallen apart or they are so good no one wants to part with them –>

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    you can get similar quality guns for simliar price such as the airarms s410, s510, bsa T10, R10, HW100, daystate huntsman, all good practical guns at around the same price second hand, new ones being a couple of hundred more

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    How much was ur gun and were did u get it

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    @118paddy sorry i have no experience with that gun

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    @1willd1 its defo not a 410, looks nothing like one :0s
    the barrel is much thicker, differently shaped breech block, the magazine is completely different shape and enters on the opposite side of the breech, the bolt handle is a different shape, it doesn’t say air arms on the breech, it looks as much like an airarms s410 as a banana :0)

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    wheres the bit when he shoots that fly? lol

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    @mbaz8403 Looks more like an air arms s410 classic.

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    @mcneilsdeals I have ordered it from eBay under title “Hunting With Air Rifles James Douglas 3 FILMS on 1 DVD”. Thanks

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    yes its a short clip taken from james douglas’s popular hunting film “hunting with air rifles”…. i think….. i mean i think thats the title, lol. not 100% now :0) it well worth a buy

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    I did find an article about a Douglas Mitchell, 58, who had an accident while working on a bow in his home workshop that sounds suspiciously like one of the accounts of how James Douglas supposedly died.

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    Just looked up James Douglas and found conflicting reports of his death. It was a longbow; a compound bow; a crossbow. He was stringing it and something pierced his brain; working on a bow and a part flew off and hit him in the head; he accidentally shot himself in the head. Does *anyone* know what really happened? Is he even really dead?

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    Never thought I’d find a video of someone zeroing a scope interesting. LOL They’re usually pretty dull.

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    Very nice video, thanks alot

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    Is this part of a video or just a clip, I would like to get a complete series if any.

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    i have a gamo csi camo will it kill a rabbit from 40 yards

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    its not me in the video. he’s using a “ripley” by the looks of it. possible an “elite” but cant be 100%

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    what make and model air rifle are you using in this video? i really like it!

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    Thanks for this video, it’s always funny for me when a friend uses my rifle and complains that my scope is broken when in fact his eye is either too close or too far!

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    Very nice and helpfull vid! Best wishes from Uruguay, South America

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    @mcneilsdeals Dont bother biglad234 hes just a whining little kid.
    Ty for the video i found it realy helpful 😉

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    @mcneilsdeals lol no not really

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    one straight from the box is unlikely accurate enough or powerful enough for that distance but if tuned well the qb78 can be a very good rifle. I own three 78s all very differently modded and all full power and have no problems at 40yards

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    that’s not me. its james douglas, he was a very good shooter. this is a small clip from his very successful dvd