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21 Nov 11 JOKHANG Tibet

Smoke from numerous sacrificial stoves fill the streets and squares of the Tibetan capital of Lhasa in the Trans-Himalayan Mountains. This City Of The Gods well deserves its lofty reputation. Its not only the political, cultural and economic centre of Tibet, it also has a religious heart. Barkhor Road is 800 metres long and encircles the Jokhang Temple, as well as nearby Tsuklakhang Square. The aroma of juniper rises from the sacrificial stoves placed along the sacred road. Traditional prayer flags billow in the breeze. Jokhang Temple has a mystic atmosphere and contains many images of daily religious life in Lhasa and was built as a shrine for a unique Buddha statue. The temple is still, more than 1300 years after its foundation, a much worshipped national sanctuary as well as a vibrant centre of Buddhism in Tibet and the revered home of the Dalai Lama.

There is a new instructional movie found at:

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    Very good and throughout review, thank you!

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    Ooooooh you just av to loooook

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    Also, if you flip the bottle over to the “off” position and allow the flame to die then immediately turn off the valves, there will be pressure left in the tank. If your intention is to remove the pump or refill the tank the residual pressure will spray fuel over your hands and the bottle. Leave the valves open after the flame stops. You will hear a hiss but no flame will come. When the hiss stops, the bottle is depressurized and you can remove the lid. No spilling. No kerosene fingers.

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    Priming the stove with the bottle fuel is terrible. It is stinky, messy, and prone to big fireballs unless the utmost care is used. It works only if using naphtha / Coleman Fuel. Kerosene is even harder to prime with and 10x messier.

    Two, the priming pad sucks. It degrades, falls apart, and leaves a pile of burned lint all over the place.

    To solve this, I removed the priming pad entirely since it is not necessary and prime only with denatured alcohol. It primes just as well and much cleaner.

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    Excellent Video. Thanks.

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    It can even run on corn oil… i’ve tryed it… it will work.. but do this ONLY if you dont have any other option.

    I do NOT recommed it.

    But cool that it works 😀

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    Worst Primus video ever! The music sucked and the lyrics just went on and on and on. These guys used to write goods songs, what happened??

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    @576ito1080p Its funny how oxygen and hydrogen makes such a great fire, but when squished together … straight opposite

    But yeah, i had something in the back of my mind with splitting atoms, and something like that :)

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    @lekkimsm2500 Alas Mr Fusion has not been invented as yet, but by splitting the (o2) and the (H) and then burning that, could be done but you require a generator to supply enough electricity, which funnily enough runs on the same fossil based fuel the Primus Does..LOL :o)

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    @576ito1080p If they could make it run on snow … Now THAT would be awesome …

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    With Such a Simple Stove and So easy to use with a plethora of fuels, I find this Product not only easy, but a joy to use and service ,with parts being only 24 hours away via the internet and post.
    I use Diesel only because my car does too . 45MPG with tea and Breakfast on the road,what could be better.

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    nice stove. excellent video

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    It’s not the lightest or even the quietest (bloody noisy) but…
    -metal pumps, unlike the MSR ones which has been known to crack
    -takes almost any petroleum byproducts and gas canisters
    -bombproof construction, VERY sturdy
    -parts are available. NOVA parts are more difficult to come by
    -Very good fuel efficiency

    Add a Markill adapter and you can use it with Camping Gaz bottles which is more common in South East Asia and Europe.

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    Best stove ever. Runs on anything and cooks like a dream. Fast as hell yet controllable. We like to cook proper meals when we travel and nothing can beat the omnifuel. Wouldn’t part with mine for anything.

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    i love my omnifuel its truly brilliant !

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    which type of fuel burns this stove, cuz i wanto to know which is better the omnifuel or the msr xgk-ex?

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    nice video for what’s in my opinion not a particularly great stove. The Optimus Nova is simpler to prime, simpler to use and you don’t need to change jets with different fuels. If you think you may use gas why not just take an 80g cannister stove like the F1 Lite too

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    nice tutorial video 5*/5*

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    I used the titan – version of the omnifuel as reliable stove during a long stay in the high mountains between Hinudkush, Pamir and Karakorum in the northeasternmost region of Afghanistan as a ISAF – soldier participating reconnaissance – patrols near the tajic or pakistani border. I had no problems with that stove and will hopefully use it again in similar situations. I used white gas from our rescues-center as well as propane/butane….. .


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    Indeed, purchased it today, needed to ride 200 km for it, came home, wanted to try it out, pfff, the multitool doesn’t fit properly over the jet.had to use own tool to fit the correct jet.

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    I recently purchased an Onmi fuel, and found that the socket of the multi tool only covers about 1/32″ of the jet. And it must be perfectly centered at that.
    New jets and multi tool were ordered from Primus U.S., and the problem is the same.
    However, one of the jets they sent me by mistake, was meant for the Gravity and the ETA…the Multi tool’s socket fit that jet PERFECTLY.
    For $160, I expected a proper Quality Control inspection at the factory.
    Have any of you found this problem?

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    sorry not been on here for a while did you get your stove sorted out?

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    Dont really like it, having to change parts for different fuels, complicated prime sequence…

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    primus himalayas MFS screw type

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    best stove ever made easy to use and uses just about any fuel.