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18 Nov 11 Kate Nash – Foundations (lyrics)

Video clip with lyrics.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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Reader's Comments

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    nice song!

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    everytime i sing one of her songs i get a british accent.

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    she sings so sexy!

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    Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! She was so amazing! & now sje’s so… different. With her nwa album & that stuff. But she’s still so amazing & awesome & everything! & she will always be supercute & everthing! Whoa. I l.o.v.e. h.e.r. .<3
    @AlessaNitara & linni1510 : Jaah. Der Akzent ist so genial. Sie ist einfach nur toll, oder?

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    Its funny how their friends are fish

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    nice song!

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    best song eva still being played on the radio here 😛

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    i love this. i know its ancient but its still the best song eva!!! :) i also like mouthwash :) how come shes just soooo amazing and im not??? lol xxxxxxxxx

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    @linni1510 den lieb ich 😀

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    dieser akzent *__*

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    @iCheer03 yes.. =)
    that’s awesome!

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    The best part of this song is from 0:01 to 3:55


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    Love This Song… I Love The Fact That She’s Like… Intelligent Input Darling… Why Dont You Just Have Another Beer Then… Its Awesomee x

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    i love how she’s like “yeah, intelligent input darling… why dont u just have another beer, then”

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    hate this song

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    great song i love it hehe xD xD

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    The lyrics can be a little faster D: But the song is still my favourite one!!

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    i love dis song but i am very sad and very mad at my friend ana. wer donig a talent show in our skl and she likes dis song but she wants 2 do justin timberlake but i sed y not do this but she sed lets do justin i sed no but i had 2 say yes or shell kick me out know i am so mad!!!!!!!!!!! if u want 2 commont on my friend ana then go on he channel its 349hardrock

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    its not it thursday lol

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    You are not alone…he he XD I love to sing with an english voice listening to this, it just doesn’t sound right if you don’t! Lol

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    so do i

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    I think she says “first date night”, not Thursday night…

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    what shit is this???