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18 Jul 10 Keeping your refrigerator stocked will get you many women

man my home boy thought i was lying when I said I keep my crib female friendly…so I decided to do a video on how you do it right…real talk I will put you on…Chicago stand
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    …oh yea nigga made a pizza, AHAHA, well i wuz hungry, ok fuck that shit fuck that shit…

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    Im not h8n, but does your sock have a whole? *4:30 and are those CVS brand crackers? step yo game up playa

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    if you were having sex with my momma I would steal your shit! If it was my woman at your house I would still your shit and your man hood! you dig?

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    rofl alright fuck that shit. dropping patnies all over the place rofl!

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    pinky mixed with day day

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    Leave me there and I will take that refrigerator and enjoy it nigger. Ha3 😀

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    can i please live with you?

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    droppin vagina panties all over the place!

    yo y’all seen this shit? its a chrome garbage can! i ain’t never seen no chrome garbage can! it it its just from egypt an it flips over like thiss.. it’n this the coolest shit? aaaight aaaight fuck this shit fuck this shit..

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    Get money, get paid. Obviously.

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    all that cereal and no milk? what a baller! this vid was hilarious, thanks for postin.

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    @nemoplz he gets females… aint you seen hiss fridgge? aint it cool as hell? haha

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    what do you fucking do for a living? haha

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    hahahaahahahaahahahahaha fuck im still laughing XD

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    small things amaze small minds.

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    You want to play the Ps3 or The Xbox.See thats going to Fuck Him Up.LOL i laugh so hard there

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    yo this dude sounds like kanye west anyone agree

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    For some reason, this really entertained me.

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    this video is hilarious! i love the guyyy he’s soo funny… 1:14 , 3:10 , 3:27 , 3:35 , 3:50 , 3:59 , 4:12 , 6:07-6:34

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    Ohhmy damn, i fckn love you! FOOD. ;D

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    kool aid BITCH!

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    my mama has a chrome garbage can in tha kitchen!!!
    lmfao i hate u for flamin hots & cherry coke
    WORD i have sbr honey bbq & ranch on my door in the fridge lmao!!!
    WEEEAAAAK!!!!! on them popsicles!!!! lmao! OMG THIS IS THA FUNNIEST ISH EVER! JUST HILARIOUS!!!!!
    S/N um but what bout REAL FOOD?? no steak, chicken, catfish, shrimp, vegetables, garlic bread bread roles, ground beef, pasta..NOTHING none of your women cook or eat regular meals?!?!

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    vagina panties really?!

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    lmao your fuckin hilarious man i fuckin love u, lmao at kool aid

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    i got chrome bin, i never thought about it but now that u mention it it is pretty dope