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25 Aug 11 LG HOM-BOT vacuum cleaning robot


The stylish and cutting-edge LG robot vacuum cleaner, HOM-BOT Smart Vacuum Cleaning Robot boasts an impressive array of advanced features. This is the first robotic vacuum equipped with the Dual Eye Camera Sensor. It employs one lens on the top fascia and one on the bottom to provide more comprehensive visual data.

The upper camera is tasked with simultaneously mapping and remembering floor plans, while the lower camera has an Optical Flow Sensor that captures a myriad of surface images per second providing distance information and plotting paths for the HOM-BOT to follow.

In addition, LG HOM-BOT vacuum cleaning robot comes with ultrasonic and infrared sensors to identify obstacles and prevent the redundant and irritating bump-and-retreat action. Specially designed integrated systems make sure that if the robotic vacuum does run into an obstacle, the accelerometer and gyro sensor allow the cleaner to react accordingly. As the result, HOM-BOT mostly avoids the pitfalls rival systems often suffer from. It is also quiet, with noise levels reduced to just 60 dB. LG.


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