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25 Sep 14 LG ISKRA fridge freezer


Designed primarily for the Russian speaking markets, the elegant LG ISKRA has gently curved glass door, putting emphasis on design while increasing interior space, and hidden handle fitted with mood light and making the fridge easy to open in the dark. Another interesting feature is the external touch-activated LED display.


Besides obvious elegance and modern aesthetics, LG ИСКРА fridge freezer has ‘A++’ energy rating and advanced linear compressor with 10-year warranty. The LG GA-B489TG is also exceptionally quiet.

The Total No Frost bottom fridge freezer is equipped with LG Multi Air Flow system for independent and even distribution of chilled air.


It also comes with the Opti Temp zone that allows you to set the desired temperature and humidity for different food types. The full width fresh produce drawer stores fruits and vegetables for extended period of time. LG.


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