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18 Jul 11 LG Washer End of Cycle Tune!

This is just too cute!!!
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Reader's Comments

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    Our LG waveforce plays this,I imagine a GE harmony is no diffrent

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    Omg, you have a standby washer to protect your LG…. one day, poor LG, one day…. I really do care about you I swear ;_;

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    I thought the turn-on fanfare was awesome until I finally heard this today … what tune is it? Or is it an LG-proprietary composition?

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    there’s also a melody that plays when the unit is turned on. the solenoids clicking adds to a beat too lol

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    Yup! That’s my Bosch set, it’s the machine I use for everything I don’t want in my nice washers. :)

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    Pulsator, is that a bosch @ the left side?