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14 Nov 11 Make-Up Atelier Paris: Make Up Tutorial – Face Art

Make-Up Atelier Paris on Facebook: Maquillage par Hélène Quillé. Make-Up Atelier Paris Formations professionnelles en Beauté & Mode, Maquillages Artistiques, Télé, Cinéma & Théâtre, Effets Spéciaux & Prothèses. Adresse: 19 Rue de La Pierre Levée 75011 PARIS Téléphone: 0033 1 40 21 03 15 Pour plus d’informations: Make up by Hélène Quillé. Make-Up Atelier Paris Make-up formations for Beauty & Fashion, TV, Cinema & Theater, Special effects & Prosthetic Appliances. Address 19 Rue de La Pierre Levée 75011 PARIS Phone number: 0033 1 40 21 03 15 More information: Maquiagem por Hélène Quillé. Make-Up Atelier Paris Formações para profissionais em Beleza & Moda, Maquiagem Artística, Tv, Cinema & Teatro, Efeitos Especiais & Próteses. Endereço 19 Rue de La Pierre Levée 75011 PARIS Telefone: 0033 1 40 21 03 15 Mais informações:
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Reader's Comments

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    i wish tht u would have started it from the begining. but again, i love how it’s so high fashion!! <3

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    @iluvdobiesdotcom she’s soooo hungry

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    @iluvdobiesdotcom what do u mean?

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    legal sinho mais eu vou para onde com uma maquiagem dessa rsrsrsrrs por isso eu mem avaliei

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    Wow that’s amazing! She could belong to a painting! So so so impressed

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    It looks like she was in an accident and had blunt force trauma to the face. Lol. Very talented makeup artist though. Who would wear these looks ?

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    Is that eye shadow makeup palette available on the website?

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    @iluvdobiesdotcom Most of the models will continue to look sad considering you have to keep your face relaxed so to not create wrinkles and such while the MUA is working on their makeup.

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    Super cool, flawless

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    and i thought i was good at makeup 😀

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    do u guys have classes in the usa?

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    are english speaking non-nationals able to study with the institute?

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    The makeup artist did an amazing job.

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    This girls bone structure is amazing. That’s why the makeup looks so good. I hopee we have models with faces like this at the school I’m going to.

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    love it, can you tell me what the shimmery gold color is thats on the middle of the lid? i would love to get a color like that,thanks :)

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    I am so happy I will be joining the Atelier Maquillage course in Greece. Will surely learn from the best!

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    The model is ugly as fuck but the makeup is fantastic

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    @jasminebbyface michelle phan is not neat with her works. she could not achieve that

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    im inlove with this!

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    True artistic talent. I’d like to see Michelle Phan try that… WITHOUT editing. lol

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    this is beautiful, but would have been more helpful if you would have shown how to do the first part!

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    @TheChannelOfCreation Well in the 9 months formation we have 60 students