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18 Nov 11 Make-Up Atelier Paris: Make Up Tutorial – Moulin Rouge Look

Make-Up Atelier Paris on Facebook: Maquillage par Hélène Quillé. Make-Up Atelier Paris Formations professionnelles en Beauté & Mode, Maquillages Artistiques, Télé, Cinéma & Théâtre, Effets Spéciaux & Prothèses. Adresse: 19 Rue de La Pierre Levée 75011 PARIS Téléphone: 0033 1 40 21 03 15 Pour plus d’informations: Make up by Hélène Quillé. Make-Up Atelier Paris Make-up formations for Beauty & Fashion, TV, Cinema & Theater, Special effects & Prosthetic Appliances. Address 19 Rue de La Pierre Levée 75011 PARIS Phone number: 0033 1 40 21 03 15 More information: Maquiagem por Hélène Quillé. Make-Up Atelier Paris Formações para profissionais em Beleza & Moda, Maquiagem Artística, Tv, Cinema & Teatro, Efeitos Especiais & Próteses. Endereço 19 Rue de La Pierre Levée 75011 PARIS Telefone: 0033 1 40 21 03 15
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Reader's Comments

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    Best tutorial I’ve ever seen

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    è magnifico sei eccezionasale …

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    Absolutely gorgeous!!


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    hi can u tell me what kind of foundation and powder u used please

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    sta incazzata >.<

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    @sailxonxmusic but this is a moulan rouge look,also theater make up!

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    it’s Moulin Rouge which could be compared to Stage make-up given the intensity of colours when it comes to application. Let’s not forget many spotlights would be pointing towards her. And from distace it’d look a lot less. This is not just glamour make-up for everyday.

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    I am inspired to recreate this [=

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    Her eyebrows are so awesome… This is makeup royalty

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    Her eyebrows are amazing..

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    @sailxonxmusic Yeah, it makes her look clown-ish…

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    nice look.

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    hahaha acho q eu me enganei é o video ki é aceleraduuuu foi mal!!
    A maquiagem ta PERFECT com certeza!!

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    @nibouta That probably would make a difference. The orange in the eyelook already stands out. Too much orange in one look almost never looks good.

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    no i think more the wrong color it should be more berry color for this girl i think i m not sure

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    cool ! check out our make-up channel here if you have time 😉

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    Agreste como? Ela faz maquiagens lindas!

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    I agree with you!

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    Adorei a mike, porém acho a profissional um pouco agreste, mais quanto a maquiagem ta um mastt!!!! ameiiiii!!!!

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    @baller24ize I’m pretty sure that’s not the reason. It’s a pretty high quality camera, small amounts of blush would’ve been visible as well.

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    Me quedé boquiabierta…Qué impresionante!!! Divino!!

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