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20 Sep 11 META-50 vs Swiss Ranger Stove vs Swedish Army Trangia

This is a boil test of the META-50 Swiss Army storm cooker vs Swiss Ranger Volcano Stove vs Swedish Army Trangia 1.Stove: META-50 Swiss Army storm cooker Stove:Swiss Ranger Volcano Stove Burner: Trangia Military burner (Not a SVEA) 2.Stove: Swiss Ranger Volcano Stove Burner: Tatonka burner 3.Stove: Swedish Army Trangia Burner: Trangia Military burner (Not a SVEA) Room temp: 4°C (39.2°F) Fuel: Denatured Alcohol Amount of fuel: 80 ml (2.7 oz) Amount of water: 1 Liter (4.2 cups) Water temp at start: 8°C (46.4°F) Time to boil for META-50 Swiss Army storm cooker: 16:58 min Time to boil for Swiss Ranger Volcano Stove : 21:00 min Time to boil for Swedish Army Trangia: 18:54 min
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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Reader's Comments

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    @Lhaasje Which burns hotter?

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    Nice test. If you want to see how fast a trangia can go the look at my “how to make an army trangia faster” video

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    I was thinking about buying the swiss ranger. I think I will as it is fairly light.

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    Nice contest, I use all three versions in different situations. All do the job.

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    I have the swiss storm cooker and I use it with wood and with the pot (the bottle doesn’t permit the heat to fluid in the side … it is fantastic and fast.

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    Great video.

    I have two of the stoves on test here.
    The Swedish army trangia and the Swiss ranger volcano + small trangia burner.

    I love both of them but use them for different things
    I use the army trangia for backpacking and power cuts and the volcano lives in my car for emergencies and is also used to make a cup of tea when operating ham radio portable.

    thanks again

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    nice video, your cookware is far too shiny though! :-)

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    @EddieErion929 The three crowns is a ‘Government Property’ stamp and NC66 the date of manufacture of the burner. (in this case 1966).
    You can see the colour difference of the two burners on my other video (SVEA Vs Trangia military alcohol burner)

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    @EddieErion929 There are two different military alcohol burners made for the for the Swedish army stove.
    The Trangia military burner has 1/128th holes around the top of the stove and on the bottom it have 3 crowns and Trangia engraved/stamped on the bottom.
    The SVEA military burner has larger 1/64th holes and it have 3 crowns, NC 66, and SVEA engraved/stamped on the bottom.
    90% of the swedish army stoves has a SVEA burner.
    The brass from the SVEA burner is a little lighter of colour.

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    What does not a SVEA mean?Thanks

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    Thanks for the demo of the Meta 50 (this and other video). I have the Optimus alchohol stove/cook set that looks similar and also uses the large military size burner, BUT I like your Meta 50 better. I may have to look into getting one now (like I need that). Thanks again.

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    The Swedish Trangia is made of stainless steel and is virtually indestructible. The Meta-50 is made from aluminum with all its disadvantages.(bruises easily) But using the Meta-50 you can cook with 2 cooking pots on top of each other. The Swiss ranger stove is made to heat drinks and it is not so suitable for cooking.
    I prefer the meta-50 for cooking and usability. For bush craft, I would prefer the Swedish, you can hang it up, use it as oven.

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    have you cooked with all three and if so, which you liked best and why? thank you for posting

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    I have the Swedish army kit and think it’s great.

    I was going to buy a meta-50 but decided on a Trangia 27-ul instead :(

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    @PHARRAOH The Meta-50, which I have to say is an extremely well designed piece of kit. What makes it better than the Trangia type ranges , are the sloped sides to the pots, which give you more horizontal area to collect heat from the fuel, making it more efficient.
    In the META-50 I used a military Trangia alcohol burner from my Swedish mil-kit (Fuel = Denatured Alcohol)

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    im about to buy one of these, thanks