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29 Oct 11 MJ GenV Unloading

Here is a shot I got of one of the Blue Mountains GenVs unloading 6.68t of garbage at the council’s Blaxland landfill facility. I reckon it’s cool how the public unload where the trucks unload, no extremely strict safety bullshit that you find at many government facilties. I’ve gotta say, they should get a green-waste service here after seeing this load. However, when I contacted the council asking about why there isn’t one, the councillor who replied gave me a handful of reasons as to why they don’t have a green-waste service up there – cost, transport, contracts, product demands, etc. Hope you enjoy the footage, please rate and comment. If you haven’t already, check out the video of the Blue Mountains clean-up truck unloading on this exact same ground.

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Reader's Comments

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    @macdonaldjohnstonfan Hi thanks for commenting man i had forgot all about this comment.Its been a year since i made it.If you want to send me that video thats fine but don’t go to any bother.Thanks paul

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    @arkansastrash320 The tailgate does open up a bit more, there is another video with an MJ dumping where it fully opens the tailgate and fully raises the body, you can see it better on that one if your interested.

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    I have to agree. Tipped out a little careful lol. I drive same gen V truck and I tip on the landfill full extend and drive off. Time at the tip is time your missing on bin pick up.

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    LOL like that part at 0:46 where there’s a telephone wire with one end in the halfway dumped load and the other still in the body with the rest of the trash!! Yeah, looks like they do need a greens service.

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    Yer maybe they have to spread the load out a bit, usually it’s just the simple “open the tailgate, raise the body and drive forward”. Yer I stood out of the way at the start to see if the garbage was going to get tipped all over the place – too bad if you’re standing beside the tailgate, it opens and you get buried.

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    He was a bit too carefull with the tilting; or is he not allowed to make higher piles? He might have spilled on his neighbour (that mpv).. Over here they cant close the lid from the cab; they have to walk to the back-right and close it with a doubleknobbed switch; so they cant put theyre hand between the seal themselves and have oversight from that position as they close it.

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    Very awesome video. Yeah, they really should have green waste pick-up. I don’t even think we have that around here. It’s silly not to, though. :-

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    Like the crushed car seat….

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    haha i saw a car seat and an ice chest lol
    in my part the dum is separated with all redidential/commercial trucks unload in one area and residents them selves dump there shit somewhere else so ive never seen an asl/fl dump in person

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    Mice to see there are still places where you can drive you car right up next to an unloading trash truck.

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    That was nice Mitch.That has twin cyclinders to tilt the body to dump??I was looking at the tailgate open and close.And they allmost took all the advantage away from the those pistons that open the tailgate never seen one with less leverage.I know the reason hydrolics are used that way but seems like they went allmost too far on that one.But no it opens fine.But if you look at it from a humane stand point geez thats at a disadvantage he he but machines have no pain.Thanks again enjoyable vid

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    Nice one Mitch

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    cool video nice job

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    sweeeet vid bro

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    GREAT JOB (Y), gee that makes you think aye if people could only see there greens going to waste :(? yeah your right about the Green-Waste service idea I said the exact smae thing to my mum driving in the car up there you know the amount of greens BMCC would produce gosh. Nine Job (Y)

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    l seen a ice chest come outta there still in tact almost looks like he did trash route then a greens route cause your right that was alot of greens