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06 Nov 11 Multivariable Calculus: Finding and Sketching the Domain

Multivariable Calculus: Finding and Sketching the Domain of a function z = f(x,y). I discuss the basic idea and do examples. For more free math videos, visit
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    @citybutterfly26 i will keep making them : )

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    PatrickJMT you are AMAZING. You are my actual math instructor. Thank you so much. Please don’t stop making these videos.

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    What should I do to find the Range of these functions. ??

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    Hey could you do some examples with more absolute value signs? I always have problems with those… Great job though!!

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    You have awesome videos. Thank you so much!

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    thanks !

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    i love you so much~~~
    thx for uploading such a great calculas video~~

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    Hi Patrick! Thanks for your videos, you are a god!

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    Best math teacher ever can you please make a video explaining the 3 dimensions and how to draw graphs/explain the tangents of sphere to different planes. my teacher was drawing scribbles on the board that didn’t make sense. i ll really appreciate it

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    now had the ln(x+y-1) been the denominator of the function would we exclude the points (0,2) and (2,0) and how would we think of them as holes or asymptotes? im sorry if I confused anyone

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    That was great!! You are the best! Thank you so much :*

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    I love your vids!! It got me through Calc 1 and 2!

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    So what if I have a function f(x,y,z). How do I express the domain then?

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    thanks : ) glad they look good!! now you can see my hairy arm in even greater detail!

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    your videos look great in high def man 😀

    you saved me a world of trouble a few semesters ago with your calculus videos, always appreciated.

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    As always, a great video

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    woah great job : P