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14 Nov 11 my idea of fun by wingnut dishwasher’s union

my idea of fun by wingnut dishwasher’s union
Video Rating: 4 / 5 Wingnut Dishwashers Union Reason to breathe
Video Rating: 5 / 5

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Reader's Comments

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    does anyone know the chords to this

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    @MsDrifter28 Tell your ex husband he has done the world a great favor for introducing people to this band. In fact, give him a huge hug, from me.

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    my ex husband is fucking great!!!thanx for turning me on to this!AWESOME SONG!!!!

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    @Fanta666 I know. Ramshackle Glory dot com. Lyrics are up to their soon-to-come full length album. As far as their released songs go, their good, but no Johnny Hobo.

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    Perfect hangover song.

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    @psyconetwork951 Check out his new band Ramshackle Glory. The only stuff available right now is just rerecording of Dishwasher’s Union songs, but I really fucking like it.

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    who me????????

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    @Irano56 I get mine from street corners Trololol

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    Pat’s back! he’s playing pix fest. there is a god!

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    That’s nice to hear.

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    @MasonIsManical shit… i hope he continues to write music. Fingers crossed.

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    Pat is currently out of rehab, clean and happy. last i heard he was living with his parents but this may have changed.

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    he’s in rehab for heroin I think..

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    @xfaithandfears11 ?

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    Does anyone know if Pat is alive? Someone just told me he died :[

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    i wish i could meet him so much D :
    he has beautiful music

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    @ScumJunkie dude your so lucky for meetin pat.

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    I thought i was the only one who knew of WDU!

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    lucky bastard.

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    @Shifty3651727 no this band is not me, this is a friend of mine i met bout 4 years ago in vermont

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    you the guy with the mustache?

  22. |

    @hi75369 Michael Jordan Touchdown Pass.

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    I love this dude i wish i could get the chance to hang out with him haha

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    @Zareiff whos is patt the bunnys brother band???

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    @Thefallingfactor i agree 100%

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    This is music, pure and simple, one guy one guitar, no computerized shit, not fake vocals or lip syncing, non of this new bullshit, THIS IS MUSIC, it frees you, it makes you think and it’s not all “nigga’s and guns” or “13 year old jailbait loves” which were probably not even written by the people who perform them. the music industry of today can burn in hell.

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    @TakeyoLifebitch Um, actually, it is Pat the Bunny’s solo project. He recorded a studio album of his WDU music backed by his brother’s band, and he may play some venues with a band that’s also playing there, but typically, it’s just him and his guitar. He wrote all the music, and his first WDU album is just him.

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    its not a one person band..

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    @CaptRawrs not really a band considering its 1 person haha.

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    The truth, in my eyes, is what you make it.

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    amazing song

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    great song great band love it.