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22 Apr 11 Optimus Crux Stove and Optimus Terra Solo Cookware

Optimus Crux Stove and Optimus Terra Solo Cookware
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    porta pooper…..

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    I would add that the set not only accommodate Primus original gas canisters but as well canisters from different brands, Primus is 111.5 mm which is a group 1 and Brunton, Coleman, MSR, Snow Peak are in category 2 of 109.5 mm so they can easy be stored in the set together with for example MSR pocket rocket stove which is 110mm wide including the trinagle box :)

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    please dont ever make a video again… you’re bad at everything

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    Two weeks? No. I would get one of the stoves that take any kind of fuel. Gas/Diesel/Alcohol/ETC in the aluminum water bottles. Yes, they’re a little heavier, but you don’t have to pack as much fuel initially. Get one with an electric starter, or the one with the self primer or whatever it is…. I’m not TOO educated on this type, but know they’re a little trickier.

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    hahaha, i see.
    Would you recommend it for camping trips longer than 2 weeks?

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    Only so I could fit it all in the cooking container 😀

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    Why do you cut the back end of the spoon off?
    And what do you think of the durability of this set?
    Great video btw.

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    @egged0 It was like 12*F/ -11*C outside, IIRC.

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    great video, but whats with the glove’s??

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    @two40 Thanks mate!

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    Great vid. Thanks :)