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16 Jul 10 Pizza Oven

This is the pizza oven which my Grandfather Ronnie Swan, some studio artists and myself, built in 3 days. We have pizza every Saturday during the Summer so come along see some art and eat pizza! 17 westmoreland street, glasgow

Host Kevin Contreras makes chicken marsala in one of his favorite innovations, a solar oven, reminding us of yet another fun, easy yet great way to green our daily lives. Info on where to find an oven is on the BGTV website.

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    be a Pizza Angel with Pizza Take Out, the iPhone game (app) that helps fight World Hunger!!!

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    @haxixatajba yeah fire bricks are better- we couldn’t afford them at the time so we used a 10 hole clay brick, using this after time the floor of the oven breaks up. so using fire bricks for the floor is a must. try finding recycled fire bricks.

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    @sofalump77 Where do you get these blankets?

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    @haxixatajba I built one similar to this one & I used fire bricks. You can go to Lowes or Home Depot & they can help you out with that. Fire bricks are great!

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    @kel27280 Hi I built one similar to this but I insulated mine with a heat blanket that holds up to 1250 degrees. I do suggest insulating it. I can have mine fired up all day and you can lay your hand on the dome of the oven & it’s not hot at all on the outside.

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    what kind of brick you used becauce i am with the scouts and i cook for the group and it is convieniese having such a big oven

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    humans ftw

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    the oven now has reinforcing mesh and cement fondue coating but no real insulation

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    the oven works extreamly well- making 32 pizza in one firing

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    @Hangitup hi – what is the track to the video please?

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    @mycard332211 VERY FLMZI JOB

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    Can’t stand the competition….how the hell can CO2 poison people this way….where is the carbon dioxide being breathed in ?
    Maybe it crystallizes into the Pizza, little crunchy nuggets of carbon dioxide ?

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    @Hangitup hi great job, what is the title music dubbed over the top?

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    Very nice I did one to see on Four à saveur d’èrable # 1 2 3 and 4

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    Legend in work!

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    chimney in the wrong spot???

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    hi, did you insulate your oven after building brick dome
    cheers stu

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    hi all
    after 3 years the oven was in need of some repair. The front arch and chimney structure had a lot of cracks and the floor was crumbling away.
    So got some Cement Fondue which can be used for high temperatures 1000c, got some wire mesh as well.
    rebuilt the arch, fixed the floor, mesh all the way around the oven and new chimney section.
    We have an exhibition opening on Saturday 17th April, artist group called Ganghut for Glasgow international Art festival.
    New video comming soon!!

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    yes just burn the structure out

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    How did they take out the supporting structure? Did they just burn it and vacuum out the ashes?

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    Too much CO2
    Poising people !!!!!!

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    I am ready to try this, but I’m gonna need that sound track on my Ipod as I work. Can you give me the artist and title? Great Job! Can I borrow your Grandfather for a few days?

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    una bellissima ed esaudiente spiegazione per la costruzione di un forno ,vorrei sapere chi costruisce questi telai di legno per la costruzione della cupola?

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    Rally ho! That looks like it took a ton a of work, and I bet the pizza tastes great. Nice Video! More… later. Waffo!

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    @MrEnergyCzar yes highest rated comment some said they use it to cook bread in 48 minutes

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    @MrEnergyCzar yes highest rated comment some said they use it to cook bread in 48 minutes

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    @joedacop a spot where the river flows into a waterfall. :)

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    @joedacop It’s NOT that hard to figure out.

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    @joedacop a waterfall maybe?or you just wait till it rains 😛

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    If cooking highly acidic foods yes, but for most stuff it is safe. The romans used to sweeten wine by stirring it in lead pots. Now that was insane.

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    Leave the bottom out of it and place it over a fire ant mound. Pest elimination with out chemicals. The crunchy tid bits are an added bonus.

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    Love the sun oven…will add it to my net-zero powered home…I wonder if its hot enough to cook breads…

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    i would fuck that girl

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    how do you shower in a river?

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    use H20 as a fuel source research H20r hammer 4 heatin H20 on utube uses little electricity 2 make lots of heat
    lok at Patterson pwer cell Mr. Paterson very good inverter worked 4 DuPont
    ponds and fleishmann cold fusion process this cold fusion process
    de tech greatly refined & comp like CETI Motorola many comp in Jap and Fr
    says it works excess of 1000% more energy than it consumes Was confirmed MIT’s results falsified theis guaranteed funding 4 hot fusion project way back in 1998

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    raw in the middle…….burnt on top. LOL
    I actually hear this does relly work.

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    yeah i would be more convince if you actually show the after product.

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    Solar cooking is great! Iron pots are toxic. Too much iron is very dangerous and it is difficult to regulate the amount of iron going into food. I’ve heard that many an african has died from using iron pots. Have your local potter make pots with a black glaze instead.

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    preety little girl lovely nails shed make a great chef. 4 hours id be starving by then

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    pay your green carbon tax to Al Gore & Rockefeller

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    I invite you to come see my little animated video. It’s made with a can of Pepsi … You be the judge. Thank you for your visit.

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    It’s a reply to a comment that someone made about wishing they could see more of the process. Not placing comments in relevant positions is one of the many disadvantages of youtubes comment system. BTW, I’m not pushing penis enlargement products, or mortgage refinancing companies, silly.

    Perhaps you’re affiliated with the above video? I’m not affiliated with the Green Dean in any way. I’m just a fan. There are quite a few fantastic educational channels on youtube now.

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    are we talking about spaming around here aredditor?? No not the canned kind either.

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    Just put “eattheweeds solar cooking” in the youtube search bar and check out Green Deans video on solar cooking. He makes a chicken dish from start to finish. I love his channel, which is basically about edible weeds in the US. He now has made over 100 videos.

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    Would’ve liked to have seen it after it was cooked. Steam rising from the pot after removing the lid. That would’ve been nice.

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    You missed something very important. Keep That Glass Clean. It affects the temperature that the oven will achieve! Also, aiming can control temp and cooking times.

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    The cool thing about solar ovens is that they can work in the winter time too. It’ll get to about the same temperature with a few modifications.

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    could you pls send me how to get that solar oven,,i think it’s work here in saudi arabia for sure,thank”s

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    What did you use inside the box? Did you use a cardboard box and put the solar on top?