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21 Nov 11 Police Beat Protesters at OccupyCal

Yesterday, students, professors, and other supporters of the Occupy movement gathered at UC Berekeley’s plaza to join in OccupyCal. The university had told protesters they could stay around the clock for a week, only if they didn’t pitch tents, use stoves, or any other items that might suggest people would be sleeping there. The OccupyCal group voted not to comply with the demand and continued to peacefully set up a tent site. But then police used force, to get them to go and made arrests. Callie Maidhof Occupy Cal Protester explains.
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A video of tinny cooking dinner with a Heineken pot and nion stove
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Reader's Comments

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    @TheUnmaskedMagician why group the two together?

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    @zebbedi Well since politicians lie to us most of the time to get elected, How else would we find out if he was the right vote? I don’t trust any of them and they show their true colors once in office, so your guess is as good as mine. But as for me, i’ll pick the so called underdog that the media paints. That alone makes me suspicious that he’s our man.

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    “We will never know if we don’t elect him.”

    This is a ridiculous statement to make and representative of how stupid Americans can be. That’s like testing a gun by pulling the trigger with the barrel in your mouth.

    The Fed is not the problem, Wall street influence in the Fed is the problem. Classic case of misdirection.

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    1L petrol-2$
    1 supersoaker-20$
    duct tape-2$

    Setting fire to police officers-priceless

    There are some things peace can’t achieve. For everything else there’s violence.

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    @rlyosim You’ve done NO research whatsoever, your link is a list of bullshit that has happened since the start of OWS at best and in NO WAY is evidence that the movement are responsible for ANY of it (well done faggot)

    just because someone SUPPORTS a movement doesnt mean they are BEHIND it you fucking retard

    yes you ignorant fuckhead, OWS DOES have aims (the fact that you dont know them and need me to list them is funny as shit)

    you are you of the dumbest people on youtube, well done

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    you are an idiot. youre pretty dug into your ignorance but maybe you should do some research yourself.
    fact: ows has no universal aims that are agreed upon by the global movement. youre welcome to try prove me wrong, but you wont.

    fact 2: read it faggot
    biggovernment . com/jjmnolte/2011/10/28/occupywallstreet-the-rap-sheet-so-far/

    fact 3: heil ows
    pjmedia . com/zombie/2011/10/31/the-99-official-list-of-ows/

    read those articles and tell me youre still right candyass.

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    @rlyosim PART 3: just because YOU dont know what they want doesnt mean THEY dont know dumb ass (learn some English)

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    @rlyosim PART2: here is no violence, one vendor stand attacked by 5 people ISN’T the whole of OWS and those people probably werent protesting

    you have NO clue what you’re talking about so dont even bother trying, theres no “uber leftism” and you dont know anything about communism so dont even bring it up (your central bank is a COMMUNIST CREATION)

    no doubt I’ll use anger and ignorance? You are a dumb shit who speaks without knowing anything, YOU are you ignorant one and you have NO point,

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    @rlyosim PART 1: “went full mad”? WTF? For explaining how you’re full of shit? If you don’t know what OWS wants then you only watch TV and haven’t looked at it yourself, only the TV is saying they dont know what they’re protesting and thats a LIE! (and clearly PROTEST is how they reach their goals)

    american nazi party are NOT behind OWS you fucking liar, neither is the leader of iran you stupid cunt OR the black panthers (man you’re stupid)

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    @rlyosim I don’t know where you learned to write Rlyosim, but whoever your teacher was failed you. Go back to school please.

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    ignorance is bliss kid.
    i think you see my point so ill leave it there.
    peaceeeeeeeeeeee out kiddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd tell your mother ill see here later

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    @rlyosim Restrict your discussion to major specifics of the manifesto or risk being seen as being incapable of deciphering their meaning and impact.

    This is how you began your dialogue:

    “bro the protesters are leftwing idiots that clearly have no idea how the real world operates. id imagine youre one of them.”

    Demonstrate you have more than ad hominems rattling around in your calvarium, or I’ll continue to debase you with the profanity you seem to comprehend best & appreciate most.

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    you seem to like science kid, do these ows statements sound like a method to you?

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    lol, fail bro. thats not goals and methods thats just some leftwing nonsense.
    face facts brah this ‘movement’ is just confused people sitting on a street.
    wise up kidddddddddddddddddddddddd :)

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    @rlyosim They only seem like big words to you because you were raised by a banana, an inner-tube, and a terrycloth shock monkey.

    For the purposes of expediency and to demonstrate your lack of basic intelligence. I’m giving you the search criteria for the OWS manifesto. Agree or disagree with their tenets, just remember, you were unable to discover them on your own.

    Google “Declaration of the Occupation of New York City”

    From this point forward, do your own research or accept my position. QED

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    lol a child talking bout psychology, go you.
    big words are fun 😀

    i cant look up the answer because there is none.
    wise up brah 😉

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    @rlyosim What part of me telling you I’m not your mommy don’t you comprehend?

    A 40-something year old (you) still suckling on mom’s teat is pathognomonic of a “dependent personality type” loser (wiki, n.d.). Man-up Dorothy; take some personal responsibility. I’m not here to answer your questions; that should be dumbed-down far enough for even your intellectual pay-grade. Allow me to be even more blunt: LOOK IT UP YOURSELF!

    Have fun weekend stacking †ampøns at the Walmart, grandma Dorothy. :))

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    you cant even answer this simple question.
    point proven.

    ows = fail

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    @rlyosim Peggy, you insignificant dung beetle, is that the best response you could muster?

    You don’t merit an intellect response; only my disrespect. I wouldn’t waste time nor energy debating you on the issues since you have zero salience to offer.

    You want me & others to state the OWS objectives? Surely your Internet searches cannot be so hindered by your lack of intellect and resourcefulness that you can’t conduct a simple Google search without someone holding your hand.

    You crap sangwich!

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    cool that you can insult people on the internet. you must be cool. really cool.
    and if ows has an agenda and a method of achieving it could you be so kind as to let me know what it is?

    and you kind of validated the point about ignorance and aggression :) nice one brah 😀

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    @zebbedi We will never know if we don’t elect him. I just can’t see any other way out of this mess. I see your into finance, so my guess you want to perpetuate the problem with Herman “Federal Reserve” Cain. As far as radical..your right. That’s exactly what we need right now. Only massive changes will work, this late in the game.

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    @howardb42006 I’m not American but I can’t see what your obsession is with Ron Paul. He’s not the answer. He is full of ideological rhetoric and there is no way he can keep to some of the proposals he makes. He is good at making gestures with his votes but when it comes to real solutions to problems his stances are nothing short of radical.

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    @zebbedi we don’t have time to disect it and pull it apart into nice little catagories. Lets tag it and bag it as it stands. I just want a solution out of this mess and as soon as possible. The nearest i can see is Ron Paul may be this solution.

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    @howardb42006 There is undoubtedly corruption and conspiracy in this world but to simplify these problems into one convenient package is what uneducated people do because their minds lack the scope to research the individual issues.

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    Tinny, I love you and your distinctive noreaster accent.

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    bella merda!

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    Looks good. I made up my meal kits for my 15 days in the canyon and I purchased some of that kind of rice at Wal Mart. I usually use the freeze dry meals, but I’ll be trying different things on the hike. I think I’ll enjoy the meals better too. Making memories and having fun. Thanks for the idea.

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    do more videos like this

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    yeah …so, guys, that liner on the inside of aluminum cans is known to cause cancer, it also has BPA in it which lowers fertility and can lead to sterility. not to mention. it does not protect forever, it disentegrates and wears away just from age. so, go for it guys, if you like cancer and not being able to have kids. uncoated stainless steel or titanium for me only.

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    Hi again! Somewhere under there, – I wrote “same” – but meant SAVE ! 😉

    By the way -if the pasta-products is in environments, where condence is an issue -then DO vacuum seal it before the hike. Condencing water gets in to the normal plastic and freezebags, when ( over day ) exposed to cold -then warmth/heat. Such as hot day, sunligth, campfire – then cold night aso aso ! :)

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    Hi Tinny!
    May be this is a tip: – put your pasta, spaghetti, pastasoup noodles ( evt. crushed because of the volume) in a freezebag with water 20 min. before boiling. Hang outside the backpack to re-hydrate and same A LOT of fuel. ( Havent tryed this -put perhabs it also works with hamburger meat or beaf jerkey )
    Japanese slim band-noodles only needs 3 min. ( The ones that also are used in wok`s and for stir-frying)

    Love your cooking and concept.
    ( Rice cannot be re-hydrated this way)

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    how do you dehydrate? do you have a video on that?

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    ciao … buon appetito ..

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    Was that instant rice and if not would that make it quicker? Looks like a good meal!

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    this guy states the obvious way to much….super dork!haaaaaaaaai am too but not this bad..

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    i have a homemad mini heineken trail kit with a really small alchol stove the is like a quater and like half an inche tall, overall pretty good
    I really like the choke hazard 3 and qmh set up, probaly will buy it

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    your strange lifestyle i licke it and you made cool stuff

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    This guy has a lot of great ideas that I’ll be taking on hiking trips from now on. No more carrying heavy foods along!

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    @piercedsquid thank you

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    The yellow band is a lip guard made from one of those rubber bracelets

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    Hey how much for that stove

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    hmmm all of your videos are filmed indoors

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    what is the yellow band around the top of the can?

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    everything can use some tobasco or hot sauce of some kind. Just about everything. lol

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    You are one of the funnest and most genuine people to watch on youtube.

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    You are great on-camera. Love your videos!

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    I love the lifestyle that this guy has.. Living in a messy house living of random stuff you build is a good way to live:)

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    Tinny is the man. :)