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19 Oct 11 Pressure Washing Paving Algae Jet Wash Turbo Nozzle

Cleaning paving to remove slippy algae using a turbo nozzle lance from a Honda Diesel Pressure Washer with a Cat Pump 45, 17 litres per minute. Turbo nozzle is a Suttner 90 Degrees.
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    @Jefferasmus You wrote before deleting ‘well you still suck donkey balls for not cleaning up the leaves against the wall of the house. Next time call a real pro, like me… that thing must have what, 3,800 psi 4.0 gpm? might as well use pedal power’

    The leaves were sat on top of a gravel soak-a-way. Blasting the leaves would have blasted out the gravel. We used our gutter vacuum to suck up the leaves without disturbing the gravel.

    Send me your website so I can have a laugh.

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    This is a 17 liter per min Cat Pump on a Honda Diesel 9hp.

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    Your comment makes no sense whatsoever. ”Speed up your work and you’ll book more custom”
    We attract more custom by doing a good job, not a rush job. That’s why we’re always busy.

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    Great stuff, I use a Honda 11hp for my pressure washing and I’m now using the turbo nozzles that are made in China. I’m very happy with the new nozzles,a steal at half the price. Are you using a 13hp machine it looks pretty powerful,what sort of nozzles are you working with. Cheers Mike!