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21 Nov 11 Pushups for People who can’t do Pushups

Here are some simple exercises you can try to help you with your pushups
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Reader's Comments

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    how many sets should i do

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    @osman778866 Build up to about 20 repetitions per set, and then attempt the next variation

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    how long should you do the wall pushup for before you move on to the second variation

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    I’m glad I found this video. I’m going to do this daily until I’m able to do a correct push up! Thanks and I’ll let you know how it goes.

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    @lelolahi sure

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    hay can I do the one on the chair on a table that is of the same hight ???

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    @simb666uot21 does it work?

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    @jwood5150 lol me too but I’m in the US army. I have to learn how to do 20 push ups, since I’m a girl.

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    I just came back here to thank you for your videos it help me to do push ups! I learned how to do about 5 push ups which is a big improvement considering I didn’t know how to do a 1. Of course I did a quite abit of weight lifting but this video helped alot Big Thanks ^^

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    Thank you for the help :) I’m currently training for the british army and I will have to be able to 44 push ups in 2 minutes which is the only section I’m struggling with, THANK YOU!

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    That’s the best training video i’ve seen!!! <3 it

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    @amyLynne92 oh we have something similar in the U.S army too. It’s called Meps, basically a physical

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    @luvtwinkie1993 Ohhh a sellection is before your basic training to become a soldier. It consists of staying in a barracks for 1 night and 2 days. You have to do a 1.5 mile run, in under a certain time depending on your trade and gender, you have a medical examination and just some general fitness tests.

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    wall push ups! 😀

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    @amyLynne92 idk what a selection is, but I live in the U.S so it might be different. I checked your profile and your in the UK so you’ll be in the Royal Army

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    @luvtwinkie1993 where is your selection?

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    @amyLynne92 I’m going to be a medic too! I also want to go to airborne after ait

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    @luvtwinkie1993 Im in exactly the same situation, joining combat medic technitions and should have selection in the next 2-3 months, and it obviously requieres a lot of upper body strength; But i cant do one single push up/pull up. :S

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    @luvtwinkie1993 depends on the person. Progress is unique to each individual. Work hard!

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    man I can’t even do 1 single push up ): and I go to bct for the Army in 3 months. How long does it usually take to do a push up.

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    @joshy39769 I advise against it, simply because girl pushups don’t really train your abs, which are crucial to build up to pushups.

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    is it okay to do a girl push up to train up?

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    @Pbuilder Thank you so much :3

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    Thanks for the vid!! 😉 I can’t do a single push-up…

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    @larwa556 so if 15 is your max, then do 3 sets of 13 half pushups, 3 days per week. Build up to 20 reps, then try to do 75% range of motion. Figure out your max at 75%, then do 2 reps less of that, 3 sets, 3 days a week, built up to 20 reps. Finally, try doing full range of motion pushups, and continue in this manner