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22 Jul 10 Repair your own car’s air conditioner cheaply

Emmy Award Winning Mechanic Scotty Kilmer shows how to bypass all your car’s Expensive computer air conditioning controls with a simple thirty dollar switch.
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    You can also fix the AC by drilling a hole in the radiator…works everytime…not to deep just enough to let the antifreeze out. AC will blow ice cold for years…your welcome!

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    @agent7vm There is only one charge of refrigerant in that van, odds are your rear expansion valve is broken, or a blend door in the rear system won’t open up to AC air. Scotty Kilmer

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    @lordriki12 Your blower resistor is burning out. go to any auto parts store and buy one, then they can show you on their computer where it is. Scotty Kilmer

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    I have a 98 civic my AC wont start on 1 or 2 only on 3 and 4?? any ideas?

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    I got a 98 civic and the AC wont start in 1 or 2 only in 3 and 4..any ideas why this is happening?

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    The Sound/audio stops at 0:27 .
    My CHevy express van stopped blowing cold air. First at the rear then at the front.
    I had the system evacuated and freon replaced now is nice and fresh air on the front but no air on the rear My van is equiped with front and rear AC Is there something else I should check? I oppened the rear unit and see the rear fan blowing Dont see any ports to recharge the rear so I guess its the same as front .
    If anybody knows please give advise vacc hoses fine Thanks

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    @jayguy173 You don’t know what you”re talking about. If you wire most cars this way using the wire going to the compressor, that will feed back and run the electrical cooling fans, I do it all the time. don’t make ignorant comments if you don’t know what you’re talking about. Scotty

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    ghetto way and engine fan wont run either

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    @happy543210 IF you hot wire it using the original wire, the idle up and the cooling fans will work through that wire. I do that ALL the time. IF you have a 1500 dollar computer failure and don’t have that kind of scratch lying around to repair an ac system, who really cares if the engine idles a bit lower anyway. I’ve got plenty of customers who don’t care about a little idle jiggle if it costs 1500 bucks to fix. Scotty

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    Hey Scotty, the computer needs to know when the A/C is on so it can idle-up the engine. If you remove the computer from the circuit, the idle speed will not get compensated when the A/C compressor turns on.

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    @cmsquire The front and back have different evaporators and power supplies. So, take the back apart and see if power is getting to the unit in the back. If not, then either find the short or just wire new power there. NOrmally that’s an elecrical problem in those vans. Scotty Kilmer

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    Our 99 Ford Windstar blows cold air in the front of the car but nothing comes out of some of the a/c vents in the back. Any ideas what to do?

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    @5029075 NO, your compressor is actually working fine, if it’s got 0 on the low side, that would mean it’s sucking like made, but you have a restriction somewhere before the compressor causing such a low pressure, probably the expansion valve, the evaporator, or a collapsed hose. Scotty

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    i put a new accumulator on the car and put two 12oz cans of r134 in it the accumulator got cold but the car still didnt get cold and my gauge readings read 0 on the low side do u think the compresser is bad even with a low side reading the clutch is always engaged

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    @80Mikeyluv You have a problem with your blend door system. You’ll need to take the dash apart and see what’s breaking in those controls. They are not easy to get too though. Scotty

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    @5029075 That just means the system is not working. A bad accumulator will often freeze solid when it has a problem. Scotty Kilmer

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    do u think its the accumulator its not sweating at all

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    @5029075 Well, you messed something up, as it was cool and now it’s hot. Flushing a system has to be done correctly, SO if you do it wrong, you can ruin the whole inside of the Ac system. I personally rarely flush em anymore, I just replace the bad parts. Scotty Kilmer

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    hey scotty i got a 1992 dodge dynasty and my air doesnt blow out so strong when i put it on high it blows strong on the driver side in the middle it blows out mildly and passenger side doesnt blow out at all and it blows out by the windshield somewhat

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    i have a 93 crown victoria my air was blowing cool (not cold) while i was driving but warm while not in motion i sprayed off the condenser and removed the evaporator and flushed it out with a solvent i bought from the part store and sprayed air thru it i reinstalled the evaporator and filled the unit wit r-134 freon and it just blows warm air now and the compressor clutch is spinning any ideas on wats wrong

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    @phigo4kins There is only ONE correct way to do it, and that involves vacuuming out all the old stuff and putting a factory load by weight back in. Go to scottykilmer’s channel on youtube and watch the video called How to fill your car’s air conditioner with refrigerant. It shows exactly how to do it. Scotty Kilmer

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    Hey, Thanx Nice Videos Here!
    But I Have A Question,, I Have A 1999 Acura TL And My AC is Not Cooling Very Well, My Friend And Mechanic Told Me I Have To Add Freon to My Car, I dnt Have that Meter You Use To Measure That The Pressure And Stuff,, How do i Go About Changing it?

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    hahahhaah i love the way you start your videos LOL ,cheers :)

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    Your videos give a different feeling.
    I feel jumpy 😀