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18 Jul 10 Repairing Your Own Dryer

An overview of how dryers work and what usually goes wrong with them. All brands are discussed. Save money repairing your own and make money repairing those of your friends. Learn more at
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A girl falls for the well known hair dryer prank. Her roommate put a LOT of baby powder in the hair dryer when she was in the shower, when she gets out; she turns on the hair dryer and her hair and face gets covered in baby powder, the best hair dryer prank I’ve seen. You may have also seen this clip on The Sunday Night Project which was aired in 2008 i believe, where Simon Pegg was hosting the show.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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    Great video, thanks!

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    Thank you. I learned a lot from your videos. Thanks for helping the little man.

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    Man are you stoned? You talk sloooooooooooooow

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    Uncle Harry, thanks very much for your concerns to us who have some problems with fixing a dryer and saving us both money and the time and offering the convenience of being able to repair or fix our dryer troubles. Thanks for the giving. James

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    Nice vids! Gonna use that knowledge!

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    There is no shielding needed. Plenty of space is between the heater box and the belt. You can put your hand next to the heater box and feel no warmth. Good to hear from you and good luck with your business.
    Uncle Harry

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    The heat coming from gas heater. Does it get hot anough to weaken the belt over time. You would think they would shield it better. But great video. I got your course. I retired from my old job now getting into this. Thanks.

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    Thanks for putting this video up.

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    bob marley xD

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    I ROFL’D at this so much

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    sounds like a gorilla! LOL

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    lol i would totally cry cuz i would freak out! i be like ha! wtf was that?! lol powned: awesome!

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    oMfG sHe Iz Fiit im WaNkIIIN LOOL

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    😀 SO FUNNY

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    i cant get over his laugh lol

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    @YuJays WHOOP WHOOP!!!!!!!!!!

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    ive watched this like 10 times now and i crack up so hard laughing that i cry and my ribs hurt. i cant believe i never done a prank like this or ever heard of this until now. thank you so much for this video! i needed such a good laugh!!!

    haha you look like bob marley. EFFIN AWESOME!!!! RIP BOB†

    keep it real!

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    Would have been better if she suddenly put the hair dryer down, closed the door, and started furiously masturbating.

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    I did that to my French teacher on a school trip…

    Never got caught, since they all think I’m the goodie-goodie girl XD Oh, don’t you just love the diguise…

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    instant ICP make up!

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    Love it!

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    fuckin brilliant!!!!

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    the way he laugh! i so priceless

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    thats was fucked up

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    @0:48 XD

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    @JynxAssassen looks like he was in the shower with the camera above the curtain

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    fricken PRICELESS!!!!

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    Wiggin haha

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    bob marley is black yo.

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    she either thought it was really funny, or she was really pissed off. way to get yourself cut off man. i thought it was hilarious.

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    @rileyphillips88 Actually it was terrible