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12 Mar 12 Samsung portable induction hob


The new portable induction cooking hob from Samsung is a sleek and space saving kitchen appliance. This tabletop cooktop is the world first colour portable induction hob, available in Capri Blue, Ruby Red, Mint Green, Stylish Black and Cream White. You can cook meals with ease regardless of where you are.


The portable induction hob has a sleek, slim design and rounded shape to give it an easy grip. The hob comes equipped with an intuitive user interface, featuring a unique iPod-like groove touch wheel that allows you to change power levels by drawing a circle on the hob with your finger.


The portable induction hob boasts a range of innovative and user friendly features to help with the cooking, including pan detection technology, a safety system with anti-overflow functions, boost function, a safety shut-off feature, residual heat indication, a child safety lock, 15 power levels, auto water boiling and Keep Warm functions. Price is around € 290. Samsung.


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