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20 Nov 11 scrap iorn man

scrap iron, any old scrap iron, old washers and fridges. here is the local scrap iron man doing what he does best……. annoy everyone on the street LOL

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Reader's Comments

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    The trumpet does my head in SOO much

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    OMG THEY PASS MY STREET EVERY DAY I FUKIN HATE HIS TUNE I ONCE told him to stfu I m trying to sleep here n the man had a right go at me so I my parents got into a massive argument with him n it turned into a street argument memories :)

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    NO mr iron man. now go away!!

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    Has anyone ever set up a speaker system and played that back at them as they drive past. I think someone should try it. See what kind of response you get.

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    OMG they piss me off!

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    god they come down my road all the time they do my head right in lol my teacher and my mates take the mik out of them lol

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    @saxovtr2468 yea darren, just pissing about wiv me camera when the scrap iron man arrived, great timing a :)

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    spying on the neigbours wiv ur video camera again steve lol

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    @bigcarpcatcher94 no worrys just looked familiar – see by ur user name ur into carping? do a bit myself my son fishes the dutch pancake up in llandudno way i fish the local pools in bridgnorth – all the best

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    @we66y357 na m8. its in shrewsbury

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    wheres this at dude? halesowen ?

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