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06 Nov 11 Secret Military Testing on Small US Town

The secret of covert military experiments against the populations of the United States, Canada, Europe as well as many developing nations is quite extensive. It ranges from releasing pathogens in the air (such as the NY Subway experiments or the Porton Down trials), to releasing substances…

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    why doesn’t the state limit access to air space until a full acknowledgement of experimentation/ and list all of the flights,….why doyou vote them in office,…or ust don’t do anything,…..again, and again,….

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    like the crazies

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    Im not saying this is real but possibly there was a break from some of the U.S military and there is a Black Army that has nothing to do with the U.S Military(American Government). They Could be conducting these experiments

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    Well they nuke bombed New Mexico a long time ago and every body ate up the bs story n forgot about them for ever. This doesnt surprise me any more…

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    @aliengoth Georgia Guide Stone #9 is the most important of all. Who is the infinite it talks about?

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    @academianon They think were just cattle. They dont value us like humanity. Research “Masonry exposed” or “illuminati exposed”

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    I make goo too when i jack my meat

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    Sadly no good guys just ‘specicide”,and lies.There is a place called the Georgia Guide Stones that say “maintain a population not to exceed 500,000,000”, there are around 7 billion people on the planet now…

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    @aliengoth thats an interesting theory but if it’s true then the government has been lieing to us that would make them the bad guys right? so then the someone else would have to be the good guys right?

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    mere mortals cannot handle the jizz of the gods!

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    Perhaps this is not a military experiment but an experiment done by someone or something else and the reason for the military presence is that they are trying to figure out just what this someone/something else is up to. Also the so called “bombing excercises”,might have been an attempt to stop this someone/something else from carrying out these experiments.

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    Itz cum lol

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    Unsolved Mysteries was the scariest damn program ever!

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    that would be the WORST thing to do

    That would only get you put in jail.

    Just raise awareness, build up your knowledge of what is going on, and dont let yourself be taken advantage of by the government.

    They will eventually destroy themselves. The NWO, illuminati, and shadow government will eventually be exposed and will ultimately FAIL.

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    @buffboynick Im curious- what sort of proof do you have? I want concrete, irrefutable evidence of this. And if you truly believe this why are you posting on youtube? If I found this true the first thing Id do is pick up a gun and start shooting people.

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    @allin1readerwriter I’ve thought about China but I can’ speak Chinese. 😐 I’m thinking of moving to like, Fiji. Or some other small, laid-back island with dodgy technology.

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    How can I join this corporate elite?

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    Fuck this. I’m moving to China. At least when the government fucks with me, it’s only when I bitch about human rights. In good ‘ole USA, you get fucked with regardless.

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    This has been going on for many years all over

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    Also the military can make your phone battery explode from space.

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    So are the military also the ones who seed the rainclouds with frogs and/or fish?

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    all countries are in the NWO now, this includes your country….

    those evil people want to take over and dominate the world and then exterminate 80% of the 6 billion people that currently inhabit Earth. The remaining survivors will be enslaved and used as worker drones and test subjects.

    World domination and all living citizens being “chipped” is their ultimate goal unfortunately :(

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    @allosaurus72 I know what you mean. I’m from America and am just know learning about countless U.S. lies and secrets.

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    After all it seems, that USA is the biggest evil on the planet. Its all economy is based on seeling weapons and making wars.