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21 Nov 11 Sergio Mendes “Mas Que Nada” feat. The Black Eyed Peas

Sergio Mendes’ “Mas Que Nada” featuring the Black Eyed Peas
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Join me and the dance divas in the latest episode of Dance With me this time were doing Cascada evacuate the dancefloor, we take you through a warm up stretch workout and routine!

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    adoro! bjs de Portugal <3

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    Fergie voce tem a voz linda : )

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    162 pessoas não gostam?
    Mas que nada.

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    oye maricon! la cancion originales es mas bonita que eso!!

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    We meet again.. 240P

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    @canon6 queridinho, senti saudades dessa musica e vim visitar hoje. mas não é só essa musica que nos brasileiros tempos, mas só a que vcs conhecem!

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    Summer 2006 aaah, mundial in Germany was the best ever…

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    in 2006 was 240p HD

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    my god fergie is so hot and sexy

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    @adrianrmp2 YES

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    @Danillo290992 eu sei, mas falo todas as linguas

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    @abacarvalho1 tu e brasileiro porra

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    @jadsoncavaleiro16 vai que…

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    muito linda essa musica e brazil caralho

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    “Mas que nada” is an expression that means “Don’t bother, don’t worry about it” to the guy asking some comments down. As the song says

    “Mas que nada, sai da minha frente que eu quero passar, pois o samba está animado e o que eu quero é sambar”

    “Don’t bother, get out of the way that I want to pass through, due to this fun samba and what I want is to sambar (dance samba)’

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    Who cares if the original was better.. This modern version was an awesome combination of two completely different cultures!

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    240p we meet again….

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    Brazil Theme

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    muito bom


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    já imaginou o the black eyed peas cantando ela no inicio da copa?

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    I love black eyed peas and love Brazil

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    seria bueno que the black reinventaran para un 2014 pero esto no pasara

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    Sérgio Mendes é o cara.

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    cant even do the workout. i want to fucken shoot myself ..where’s the dance routine!

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    cant even do the workout.

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    Can I just say thank you SOOOO much for posting a full workout online. I cannot afford to go to a gym or take dance classes. I comend you for providing this for those of us who love dance but cannot afford gym memberships or traditional classes. Please keep doing what you are doing because it means so much to people like me.

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    one day i will learn it,i hope so :)

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    I’m getting the hang of this! It’s fun!!! But sweaty!

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    Waw sure is fast, I messed it all up XS

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    é … legal.

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    this is great!! can you do rude boy by rihanna?

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    Amazing i love it!!!!!

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    I really love this dance routine! My friends and I are going to be performing this song; I was wondering, could you guys make a tutorial on the first and second verse of the song? Thanks so much!

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    @allthestarsthatshine No probs glad you liked it! x

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    @gavinola Thankyou! x

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    @Cascada56 Thanks glad you like it! x

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    @psykslayer Sugababes Get Sexy enjoy!

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    Can someone tell me the name of the “Warm Up” song please?

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    ahhh! i freakin love this song!

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    AWESOME VIDEO! Best routine eva! 10 out of 10!!! ABSALUTLY LUV IT! great work!

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    Absolutely love this. Another great bit of choreography!

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    Awesome! Thanks!

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    Wunderschöön :DD

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    nice (: it helps al lot.
    Please can you dance Telephone by Lady Gaga & Beyonce ?

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    nice (: it helps al lot.
    Please can you dance Telephone by Lady Gaga & Beyonce ?

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    amazing! xD