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22 Nov 11 Simplicity Recoil Install

Video Rating: 4 / 5

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    i hate any phillips head screw on any engine. Pain in the ass, especially when the fucking head has rounded so the screwdriver can no longer turn it.

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    As a matter of fact it is lol!

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    That operates very smoothly now.
    It sounds like a Jeep with modified exhaust in the background.

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    Get er done.

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    it tough putting the spring back in those sometimes

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    I do not get that either. Oh and like on our 5 HP Briggs roto tiller. one time I had to replace the rope because it was fried. Like on most Briggs side shaft engines you have to pull off the hole shroud to replace the rope (pain in the ass) but on this one… it had 4 screws holding on the starter like yours. So i replaced them just like you did ! but I do not get why the hell they put Phillips screws on them. If they want to put screws on there. They should at least use Allan head screws.

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    i’m going to get a tub of that sometime you can use it for so many things

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    nice job craig cheak out my channel

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    I cannot understand why they used nuts on some engines, and screws on others. Sometimes i think manufactures make things tamper proof so joe shmos like us cant fix them. Like the fuel injector that was on my old GMC Safari 4.3L engine. You cannot replace just the regulator you would have to replace the entire injector. Great van it was, but the rear differential, and suspension were poorly made.

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    those impact screwdrivers work good too

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    LOL Craig-“run, full, fast” …. I think I only found that funny!!!
    Awesome vid Craig….. I’m with you. I don’t like those screws they use. I usually do the same thing by replacing them with the bolts.

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    good job buddy

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    Marine waterproof blue grease. Pretty easy job, but the spring was a little tricky to install in the pocket.

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    what did you use to grease it