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13 Nov 11 SKProTool Concrete Anchor Installation Tool

The first tool on the market designed to help professional plumbers, carpenters and HVAC contractors install anchors into concrete, masonry and brick. This revolutionary tool cuts the installation process by 300% and significantly reduces the risk of injury or damage to material.
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Video Rating: 5 / 5

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    PLEASE VISIT OUR NEW WEBSITE: gtktools .com we are no longer called skprotools. There you can order any of our tools as well as custom order to the bolt of your desired choice.

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    Looks like it works great. I need this tool. Hammering with a regular hammer just gets frustrating when the anchors start to bend. The use of the hammer drill applies steady and straights impacts to the anchor. Nice!

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    Have you guys ever consider installing EZ Traps for the evaporator drains?