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24 Nov 11 Solar hydrogen home

Run A Car On Water Home-Made Renewable Solar And Wind Energy Solar & Wind Energy Diy Guide
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    wheres your wind turbine???

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    Finally a person that got the system right ! I have a question, On the hydrogen system do you loose any water after the system recombines the two gases back into water in the hydrogen fuel cell (making eclectically power)? What I’m trying to ask is any water lost converting it to hydrogen and then back to water?

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    Great setup if you happen to have a spare couple hundred grand on hand.

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    Absolutely brilliant! If we finnaly will think about enviroment instead of making profit out of everything,it will be more houses like this or at least at some point energy efficient.Stop the HUGE waste of energy in the US!!!

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    That’s an amazing system, but would be very expensive. It would be alot cheaper to buy the electricity.

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    I think its an awesome system , regardless of the cost, the minimal impact on the environment is the big gain.and that is a cool boat! lets see some more videos. Cheers!

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    15 years and 1,000,000.00 to save 1000 a year cool

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    Interesting stuff.

    Now if only solar panels could come down in price…

    Sadly that is the main hurdle to renewable energy: the initial investment required is HUGE, more than most people can afford.

    Once I purchase my own house/property I do intend to get involved in this renewable energy stuff. I’ll have to start out small though and slowly build things up.

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    While the dunder heads keep saying it can’t be done you have gone and done it

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    Your hired! Too come renovate my crib!

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    My wife and I live off-grid in Wales and we’re completely in awe of you! Fantastic! A true trail-blazer. Let’s hope more people find the way. Not everyone can do as much as you but every little bit helps.

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    This is as viable as the availability of spare parts and consumable parts.