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23 Nov 11 Stop Static Electricity

Static electricity is annoying and so hard to get rid of out of your clothes. Lucky for you there are ways you can prevent and eliminate static electricity. Here’s how! Winter time can make you feel like a giant ball of static electricity. Clothes made with nylon become charged, causing skirts and blouses to twist and ride up. Whenever you take off your coat you can feel the static electricity prick and hear the static crackle. One of the easiest ways to prevent static to is to not completely dry your clothes. Dry them partially and then let them line dry. If you don’t have a clothesline you can invest in a drying rack or use hangers to hang up your clothes. You can also take control of static by drying synthetic and cotton fabrics separately. With synthetic fabrics you might want to consider not using the dryer at all; if you let your synthetic clothes air dry you’ll greatly reduce, if not completely eliminate, static electricity. Another technique to consider is using vinegar in your wash cycles. I know—kind of gross. Vinegar acts as a natural fabric softener and can also help ward off static. However this alternative is a bit smelly and if you use it with bleach, you run the risk of inhaling toxic fumes so, use your noggin when using vinegar, OK? By following these simple tips—not drying your clothes all the way, separating your cotton and synthetic fabrics, and even using smelly vinegar—you can make winter much less crackly. Be more aware of how you dry your clothes

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    0:49 LOL I’m sure those shirts smell like vinegar according to the dude’s face

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    i hate it when i touch like chairs at my school and it gives me static electricity

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    This also how to remove it. TO do this use computer about 2 and more hours. Like Konata.

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    @MyBeggi in deed

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    i hawe never seen a better video in my live :)

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    ahhh suck it up cupcake its not that bad

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    static electricity can anihileate computers

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    best video on youtube

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    Wow cool!!