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06 Dec 14 Ariete Pastamatic machine, 1950 Edition ultimate pasta maker


This is your authentic Italian pasta maker that would satisfy the most demanding past lovers. The automatic Pastamatic machine from Ariete is a practical and simple to use must-have for every pasta enthusiast.


First, you prepare the dough, then the 1950 Edition pasta maker does the rest. You need water, flour, fresh eggs and spices, and within minutes, the machine prepares your favourite type of pasta. With 6 different attachments and a special disc you can make every type of pasta as well as professional grade cookies and tarts. Ariete.


Pastamatic Gourmet 1950 Edition kitchen machine with glass blender
Ariete Pastamatic Gourmet kitchen machine, 1950 Edition





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07 Jun 11 1950 Homart Electric Sink Dishwasher Full Demonstration

This video shows a 9 minute edited version of the full 45 minute cycle for the Homart Electric Sink Dishwasher. This dishwasher came from the town of North Egremont, Massachusetts, and was trucked to West Peoria, Illinois on May 1, 2009. Sears introduced the Homart Dishwasher line in 1949, and were sold most likely into the early to mid-1950’s. I’m estimating this machine to have been built in 1950, until a more accurate date can be determined. The Model Number is 787.48, the Serial Number is 16908.
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