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14 Jul 11 HVAC A look at my goodman AC unit and my honeywell 4000 thermostat

I was bored as hell so I wanted to make a video of my goodman and honeywell thermostat
Video Rating: 5 / 5 Jerry Kelly Heating and Air Conditioning, Inc. installing a new hybrid heat system.
Video Rating: 0 / 5

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23 Apr 11 Maytag 4000 Series with Powerwash

A new Maytag Performance 4000 Series with Powerwash is put to the ultimate stain test to determine if it lives up to the “best cleaning in the industry” claim. The test run involved 10 white shirts being stained with barbecue sauce, ketchup, grape drink, and cherry cool aid. Only Tide HE detergent was added, no bleach. Check it out to see if the machine is able to clean the toughest stains.

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01 Mar 11 Delux 4040HG, High Pressure Washer, 4000 PSI, 13Hp Honda, 4GPM

4000 PSI 4 GPM 13 HP Honda pull starte Dierct drive General pump EZ-4040G 50′ 4000 PSI R-1 pressure hose Trigger gun Wand 3 Nozzles 42″ x 17″ x 29.5″ 168 lbs

Tags: 13Hp, 4000, 4040HG, 4GPM, Delux, High, Honda, Pressure, Washer