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17 Nov 11 Yakima Washington Plumbers – Action Rooter & Plumbing

Action Plumbing is a full service plumbing, drain, sewer and septic pumping company in Yakima Washington. Call for free estimates at 509-575-1331. If you need a Yakima plumber, look no further. We have all the experience and specialized equipment to do any job, whether you need repair work, repiping, or if you are building a new home and need to have it plumbed. We are licensed septic / drain field designers and installers as well. We also offer video pipe inspection and locating, High Velocity Watter Jetting, GET YOUR YAKIMA BUSINESS LISTED ONLINE AT a division of SunSet Productions.

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11 Nov 11 Second Homemade CO2 laser in Action

What amounts to my second homemade CO2 laser, using Baking Soda/Vinegar for CO2, and helium. It uses a concave HR and a ZnSe OC. The plama tube is 5/16″ ID, with an arc length of about 29 inches. The cooling jacket is made of PVC pipe. A clear plastic window is provided through which the discharge can be seen. The cooling jacket extends past the arc length, via electrodes that are inserted into the glass plasma tube. The electrodes are just brass tubes which were purchased in a hardware store. The mirror adjustments were made with steel washers, and the hose connections and mirror cell mounts are attached to the plasma tube via O-ring compression fittings purchased in the plumbing section of a hardware store. The method outlined in the video is a slight modification from a process I originally read on the Hammock Forums. I encourage anyone interested in making their own gravity filter to first read that post at This is a really simple project and the majority of the smaller parts can be obtained from US Plastics without breaking the bank. To complete this project you will need: Parts 1 – Filter capable of being used in ‘inline’ capacity 1 – Tubing Clamp part # 59200 1 – Nylon Adapter MNPT 1/4″ x MGHT part # 63013 1 – Female Adapter Nylon Fitting 1/4″ x 1/4″ part #62169 5ft- Silicon Tubing 1/4″ ID x 3/8″ OD part # 54033 2 – Rubber Washers 7/16″ x 1″ x 1/16″ (obtain locally) Tools Razor Knife or Soldering Iron Sharpie
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03 Nov 11 Action 52 #31: Fuzz Power

Fuzz Power consists of a hobo who refuses to lose his whisky soaked beard, so he fights tools of hygeine such as combs and hair dryers. I can guarantee I’m only making about 30% of that up.
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21 Oct 11 Superior Pak Pegasus (Body Action)

Thanks to the driver for doing this, shows the body raising and lowering. It’s very hard to find hoist model front loaders…


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11 Oct 11 Fisher & Paykel Diverter Valve Fix, part 2: Action

Part 2: Fisher & Paykel washer needed some work after our initial analysis. In this segment we get under the hood and check out the diverter valve. In Part 1 we analyzed the problem and went into diagnostic mode. In part 1 of this series we’ll analyze the problem. In part 3 we check our work.

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07 Oct 11 1958 Chevy Nomad Wagon / Low Mileage Survivor in Action

Here is a very rare 1958 Chevrolet Nomad BelAir Wagon. This car is optioned with factory air conditioning, power steering, power brakes, AM radio, front & rear speaker, Sierra Gold & Arctic White Exterior, Medium Gold Imitation Leather & Cloth Interior

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06 Oct 11 Christmas EDI Action Week 1-Part 1

Well, #64 came for greens and 61/60 for trash and recycling. The driver of #60 presents to you a nice Christmas gift (I know, very funny…he presents a gift…) in this video! Also, this is my first youtube video taken with my new camcorder! I think it worked out pretty well, except that it picks up on high-pitched noises such as the brakes too much. Anyways, hope you enjoy this video and the rest of the series! Forgot to put the pics on one of the videos…sorry. They’ll be up as soon as freewebs fixes their dumb uploader…
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24 Sep 11 The Cleanaway FL (Overhead Action)

A quick overhead of the Cleanaway FL collecting a 1.5m and a 3m, of course with a pack at the end…
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Red front load garbage truck in action
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23 Sep 11 MapleStory Post BigBang 9x White Knight Action

This is me training in Ariant at the Sand Dwarf and Desert Giant maps after the Big Bang. Both are weak against Fire. After Big Bang, all of the monsters have been reworked so that areas are more for set level ranges. For instance, Leafre is pretty much 100+ now, Ariant 70-100, Orbis 35-55ish, Ludibrium 40-75, Ludibrium Dungeon 100+ and so forth.
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Neal Morse embarked upon the most ambitious musical project of his career. Entitled Testimony (2003), it chronicles his spiritual and musical journey in words and music. The 2 CD set (3 CDs for the Special Edition) spans over two hours as one continuous piece of music. It ranges in style from a full gospel choir to hard rock; from a symphony orchestra to contemporary pop. A deftly woven musical tapestry, the album takes the listener on a fascinating journey as unique as the man behind it. Artistically, Testimony was a remarkable solo achievement, with Neal not only writing, arranging and producing; but singing the lead vocals and performing most of the instruments. Recognized as a virtuoso multi-instrumentalist, he is endorsed as a guitarist, keyboardist and singer (Yamaha, Gibson, Rode Microphones, and others). Legendary drummer Mike Portnoy performed on drums, with guest guitarist Kerry Livgren ( Kansas) on several tracks. The mainstream and CCM press alike lauded Testimony as was one of the best progressive rock albums of the year. It received numerous honors, from Progressive World (Top 5 Albums) to The National Review (10 Best of the Year). The ensuing world tour was captured on one unforgettable night at the beautiful Dutch concert hall, (named only as a number) 013, during his European tour. The performance (and tour) won him “Best Rock Tour” from the Dutch Progressive Rock Poll, besting nominees Peter Gabriel, Radiohead, RUSH and others. (Neal also won Best Album

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22 Sep 11 Glass door/more hopper action.


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