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29 Oct 11 Adventures with Sean (New mini + Bulk + missed FLs)

so other than the Bulk FL we had terrible luck. We caught the mini right before he finnished so we only got about 4 stops, I saw a crown stagg (i think) pulling away and when we caught up to the Consolidated FL it to just pulled away from its last bin. But the bulk driver (51 years old beleive it or not) doing bulk alone as if he was in his twenties. A great guy who may be watching these video himself. Well enjoy pt 2

So, basically EDI’s RRs suck when it comes to revving. But thank God EDCO has some older, quicker, BETTER trucks like this among its large fleet. #626 is definitely the fastest Heil Rapid Rail I’ve seen in person, and I’m very proud to share with you now! Enjoy!
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16 Sep 11 Adventures with Bryn – City of Richland CP Python Garbage Collection

This is the driver Bryn has wrote about lol…..Its been a long while since Bryn and I had went filming because lots of stuff has gone on lately and we have been busy! anyways we had a good time out filming but did have a hard time following along lol. so we did drive some.
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02 Aug 11 SPORE Galactic Adventures: Dr Who – Victory of the Daleks scene Recreation – The Master Race

“Behold! The restoration of the Daleks! The ressurection of The Master Race!” I simply love the new design to the Daleks in Dr Who, i prefer the colourful ones more to the bland bronze design. Dalek Identification: Red = Drone (Soldier) Blue = Strategist White = Supreme (leader) Yellow = Eternal Orange = Scientist I created this in Spore: Galactic Adventures, which FYI is a video game. I cant wait to see the new Daleks kick ass in later episodes! GIVE ‘EM HELL BOYS!!!
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On Nanotech Today ( brought to you by InTimeTV (http Dr. Ogan Gurel interviews Prof. Hamlin Jennings (Professor of Civil, Environmental Engineering and Materials Science at Northwestern University) discusses the production of concrete, its history and new results using neutron scattering and other experiments in understanding the nanostructure of portland cement and its calcium silicate hydrate constituents. This is a YouTube excerpt of the full video which you can find at: mms:// The discussion ranges between highlights of ancient Roman technologies used at the Pantheon to the interpretation of modern neutron scattering experiments conducted at the Argonne Advanced Photon Source synchrotron. Nanotech Today – communicating trends and advances in nanotechnology worldwide on InTimeTV ( and broadcasting live on the web each Saturday at 11 am (ET) /10am (CT) /8am (PT).

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26 Jul 11 The Adventures of boy bawang

It’s an AVP to invoke the people to dispose wisely.
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25 Apr 11 Adventures With Shane – Manual Garbage Collection

Enjoy this, cause you won’t be seeing much of this. There are only 2 known places in Kennewick, or the entire Tri-Cities for that matter, that still have totally manual collection. Richland runs an RL but it’s all carts and dumpsters, no manual bins in Richland. The only places that still use manual bins is this Senior Citizen Mobile Home Park and a shitty little trailer park out by my old house. Basin Disposal collects the shitty trailer park with a Pete 320/Heil 5000 RL. I have footage of that, but due to my unknown standings with Basin Disposal at the moment, I am unable to upload that footage, cause I don’t want to risk getting that very kind crew in trouble. Me and Shane were lucky enough to be able to film this Senior Citizen Mobile Home Park once, but we’ll likely never be able to film there again, because the manager of the park was pretty uneasy about us filming there. After talking to him for a few minutes, we convinced him to let us film that day, but I doubt he’d want us coming back very often. Which is too bad, cause if I could go back, I could do a much better job filming this =( Also, there’s a quick clip of the recycle truck and some odd graffiti we found while waiting for the garbage truck to show up lol Anyways, enough talk. Enjoy the video! This was filmed on August 27, 2010
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Here is the last Ryde video for this series which shows two of the ten MJ Recycle side loaders in action. One of the trucks is collecting the residential garbage, operated by the skilled and speedy driver from my first Ryde Garbage video, and the second truck is servicing a handful of green-waste bins just before finishing up for the day, also operated by a very fast and skilled driver – notice the large heavy-duty grabber on this truck? Also a little something of interest: when the contract started in 2005, Ryde and WSN decided to incorporate a special ManageMate computer system into the trucks. This allows WSN to monitor their truck positions and operations from their head office. Also special ‘tags’ were attached to the new garbage bins delivered for the new contract, which all had their own identification and were registered at specific addresses. These tags allow the trucks to record the net weight of the bin which would be charged to the specific house, and also lets the driver make quick and easy adjustments notes such as bin obstructed, not out, contaminated, etc. The tag reader is situated between the grabber and main arm connection which explains the fatter appearance. Hope you enjoy the footage in this video, please rate and comment. Also a giant thanks to these drivers, I hope they enjoy the footage along with you guys. Make sure you visit my other Ryde videos to see more truly awesome trucks… Body Make: MacDonald Johnston Model: 29m MkIV SPORT : Recycle
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