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28 Dec 13 Legacy Hybrid double deck wall ovens from American Range


American Range pioneered French door wall oven for residential market and now offers three 30″ Legacy Hybrid double deck wall oven models,
– the AROFFHGE-230 French door gas oven and broiler on top & French door electric oven and broiler on bottom
– the AROSSHGE-230 Chef door gas oven and broiler on top & Chef door electric oven and broiler on bottom
– the AROFSHGE-230 French door gas oven and broiler on top & Chef door electric oven and broiler on bottom


The multifunction Legacy Hybrid double deck wall ovens feature Standard Bake, Innovection Convection Bake, Infrared Broil and Fan Mode. The innovative Innovection System comes with 2 convection fans in order to optimize cooking air flow for ideal cooking results each and every time, while Traditional and Convection bake modes give you a perfectly controlled temperature range between 200°F and 500°F.


The highly efficient Innovection Convection technology uses 19% less gas versus a standard convection oven, while ensuring superior turbulent heat distribution for even results when baking, roasting and dehydrating your food. The American Range employs strategically placed advanced dual convection motors to enhance uniform and consistent heat distribution throughout the large oven cavity.

Other key features of these Legacy Hybrid double deck wall ovens from American Range are,
– quick preheat times and uniform cooking temperatures are created with a 30,000 BTU Bake Burner
– Inconel Banquet Broiler provides rapid searing at 1,800°F using 18,000 BTUs
– 3.5 kW Instagrill broiler reaches searing temperature in 3 seconds
– concealed 2.2 kW Bake Element with the IR Advantage reduces preheat times and creates uniform cooking temperatures
– lower oven of gas double models features Proofing Element Burner for bread making and low temperature dehydrating
– 2 racks glide at 5 cooking levels on heavy chrome side supports
– accommodates full size commercial sheet pan
– 2 lights in each oven are controlled from front panel switch
– porcelainized oven interior simplifies cleaning
– commercial grade stainless steel construction with welded control panel
– easy to use analog controls
– commercial style French or Classic Chef Doors improve oven access
– blue LED lights indicate flame and oven functions
– heavy die cast metal black satin knobs with chrome bezels

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25 Dec 13 American Range Medallion Series 60 inch range cooker


The Medallion Series 60 inch range cooker from American Range is equipped with Straight Convection Technology. The convection bake fan is circled with a powerful ring heater and the hot air stream is straightened out with the help of American Range proprietary air directors. The result is shorter cooking times and more uniform heat transfer for multiple rack cooking.


Available in 3 models, the ARR-606GDGRDF, the ARR-6062GDDF, the ARR-606X2GRDF, Medallion range cooker offers 6 sealed gas burners with 11″ gas grill and 11″ gas griddle, and two 30″ electric self-clean ovens with electric infrared broiler in each. See Legacy Hybrid double deck wall ovens from American Range.

The main characteristics of the American Range Medallion Series 60 inch range cooker include,
– sealed burners deliver exceptional performance at every level setting and lift off to provide easy clean-up
– 3 sizes of burners to serve your everyday needs – 17,000 BTU, 13,000 BTU, 9,000 BTU
– variable infinite flame settings for all sealed top burners
– fail-safe system ensures re-ignition in the event the flame goes out
– continuous and flush commercial-grade cast iron grates allow for easy transfer of pots and pans across the entire cooking surface
– blue LED lights indicate flame and oven functions provided with every knob
– heavy metal die-cast black satin knobs with chrome bezels
– sealed Single Piece tooled stainless steel cook top can hold a gallon of spills
– electronic keypad with blue VFD display
– multiple functions include full power modes for Standard Bake, Convection Bake, Infrared Broil, or Warm modes for Dehydrate, Crisping and Proofing
– Traditional and Convection Bake can be controlled from 150°F to 550°F
– infrared energy from hidden bake and broil elements shine through high transparency glass ceramic windows
– 3,500 Watt Instagrill broiler reaches searing temperature in 3 seconds
– stainless steel air flow directors provide even distribution of convection air for uniform oven temperatures
– commercial grade high performance thermal insulation keeps kitchen cool
– 2 chrome racks glide at 5 cooking levels on heavy chrome side supports
– accommodates full size commercial sheet pan
– commercial grade porcelainized oven interior for simple cleaning
– programmable timed self clean for effortless oven maintenance

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19 Feb 13 Servis American fridge freezer


Servis new American style fridge freezer combines style with functionality, offering advanced cooling technology, large capacity and the ability to convert freezer sections to fridge space. The launch follows Servis fridge freezer Retro Collection.

Attributing the traditional side-by-side door design, the American style fridge freezer offers huge versatility with its Flexi-Zone feature and other advanced cooling technologies. Delivering up to 14 different cooling systems in one refrigerator, Flexi-Zone technology converts freezer sections to fridge space, allocating extra storage as and when it is needed.

The sleek, stainless steel exterior features a frameless touch panel display and back-illuminated integrated handles, which complements the elegant interior design and LED internal lighting. With no central divide, the fridge freezer has an impressive 620 litre capacity.

The ColdWrap Cooling technology and humidity control makes it easier to preserve foods. ColdWrap reduces cold loss upon opening the American style fridge freezer door and normalizes the temperature within the fridge to minimize heat transfer from the walls. Circulated cold air wraps the food in the fridge compartment to ensure food will be kept fresher for longer. With the addition of a humidity slider, the cooling temperature can be controlled to conserve fresh groceries and if groceries need a quick icy chill, there is a Fast Freeze feature to do this.

Servis Double Compressor provides separate air circulation in the American fridge freezer partitions to prevent the transfer of odours between sections. The Double Compressor also means the fridge freezer can be run in Holiday Mode allowing the fridge section to be turned off whilst the freezer maintains an optimal performance.

A common place for ice to collect is at the back of the fridge, No-Frost is a more efficient alternative to the more common frost-free systems as it circulates cool, dry air throughout all compartments, to combat any frost in the fridge and avoid any build-up in the freezer.

The American-style fridge freezer has a 5-year parts and labour guarantee, an ‘A+’ energy rating for efficiency and is available from £1,299. Servis. Previously, Samsung T9000 four-door refrigerator.


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11 Nov 11 Stephen Fry on American Prisons Facts

Click on the description for all the facts listed here Stephen Fry on American Prisons, from the TV show QI The prison facts mentioned here, I’ll start with a fact everyone(well nearly everyone) knows. 1. Three “strikes” and you get life in jail. Even for trivial crimes, Leandro Andrade is serving 2 consecutive life sentences for shoplifting 9 video tapes with a value of 3 2a. 1% of Americans are in jail(2.3million) 2b On a per capita bases this equates to twice as many in South Africans, more than 3 times Iran and 6 times China’s prison population. 3. No society in history has imprisoned as many people as America. 4. 1 in 30 men aged 20 – 34 in in prison. 5.1 in 9 black males are in prison. 6. There are more 17 year old black males in prison than in college. 7. 5% of the world are American…25% of all prisoners are American. 8. America prohibits importing goods made through forced labor or prisoners… YET… …American prisons produce 100% of all military helmets, ammunition belts, bullet proof vests, 9. 93% of domestically used paints, 36% of home appliances, 21% of office furniture, which allows America to compete with factories in Mexico. 10. You get solitary confinement if you refuse to work! 11. Thus America has successfully reinvented the slave trade. Prison watch link And another link up with Jim Rogers latest project to create a system that will hold politicians feet to the fire, and to put shackles on Sign Up for more Updates! http Check Out my Website! Non-corporate producer and consumer Yet a third meaning or usage of prosumer is springing up, especially among some activist groups. That is, the producer and consumer roles are being combined so as to exclude (or at least diminish) the role of the corporate producer; thus, rather than generating higher corporate profits from value-added products, producers would, at best, be reduced to supplying lower-profit commodity inputs. Indeed, the more consumer-oriented prosumer spin is irrelevant to many people with diminished disposable income caused by various economic trends such as globalization, automation, and wealth concentration. Identifiable trends and movements outside of the mainstream economy that have adopted prosumer terminology and techniques include: a Do It Yourself (DIY) approach as a means of economic self-sufficiency or simply as a way to survive on diminished income the voluntary simplicity movement that seeks personal, social, and environmental goals through prosumer activities such as: growing one’s own food repairing clothing and appliances rather than buying new items playing musical instruments rather than listening to recorded music use of new media-creation and distribution technologies to foster independent media (see Indymedia); many involved in independent media reject mass culture generated by concentrated corporate media self-sufficient barter networks

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19 Oct 11 Cadillac Converj 2012 (North American International Auto Show 2009)

Cadillac Converj 2012 (North American International Auto Show 2009) Detroit,Mi The Cadillac Converj is a concept car manufactured by the Cadillac division of General Motors.[1] It was shown at the 2009 North American International Auto Show. Incorporating the propulsion system from the Chevy Volt—the battery pack, the 120-kilowatt electric motor, and the four-cylinder engine-generator, collectively dubbed the “Voltec” electric propulsion system—the Cadillac concept vehicle has an all-electric range of 40 miles (64 km) and a top speed of 100 mph (160 km/h). The two-door, front-wheel-drive coupe recharges in only three hours using a 240-volt outlet, the type commonly used for large electric appliances

Rex McGrath talks about the Special Ops and Advanced hard plate carriers (SOHPC and ARHPC, respectively).
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15 Oct 11 Great American Yard Sale Sells Out

Over 20000 Customers Shopped til They Dropped: The sun was shining on the Fox Valley Mall Parking lot Saturday morning as excited shoppers lined up to finally enter The Great American Yard Sale. All of the money earned from the Sale will go to five local charities that work directly with homeless families. Over 600 tables were piled with donated merchandise from various cities and towns in the Chicago land area. When asked what was being sold, Rudy Krueger, a founder of the Great American Yard Sale, said to “Go to a Sears store, and you’ll figure it out. It’s all departmentalized like Sears and it’s just packed with stuff.” Furniture, bicycles, refrigerators, Christmas decorations, baby clothing, even workout equipment could be found under the huge array of white tents. The event began 20 years ago when David Jordan, an editor of Better Homes and Gardens, attended a real estate convention that Rudy was at. “He told us how many people were homeless-over half a million at that time. We started this kind of program on a tiny scale,” recalls Rudy. Since then, the Sale has grown into such a large event that they’ve had to switch locations to accommodate for all the customers. This inspiring story would not have been possible without all of the volunteers helping out year after year. Tammy Morris, a resident of Tomah, Wisconsin, use to live in the area and returns each summer with her family to volunteer. “There are a lot of people that we only get to see once a year, all the
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05 Oct 11 1979-82 Commercials: Tomy to American Greetings

1. 1981 Tomy Up Down Change Around Roller Coaster 2. 1982 Hasbro Grabbin Dragons game 3. 1980 Strawberry Shortcake garden house set 4. 1981 Toys R Us Grand Opening at Douglaston 5. 1981 Sunbeam Bread (They like bread and butter…) 6. 1981 Legos 7. 1981 Pizza Hut with Kodak Party Tine Instant Camera 8. 1981 Orange Crush soda 9. 1981 Norelco Chic Hair Dryers and Beauty Care Collection 10. 1980-81 Aim toothpaste 11. 1980-81 Fugazy to Atlantic City bus tours 12. 1980 American Airlines 13. 1980 ending to Big Red Gum 14. 1979 Diet Pepsi soda 15. 1979 Kelloggs Sugar Smacks with Dig ‘Em the Frog 16. 1979 Kenner Play-Doh Enchanted Forest set 17. 1979 clip of Romper Room tv show in New York 18. 1979-80 Public Service Announcement from American Dental Association–Casper the Friendly Ghost Brush and Floss 19. 1979-80 American Greetings Valentines Days Cards **These commercials are from my 1977-83 Commercials Set Volume 8**
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25 Aug 11 Sam Newman on American Football (08-02-2011)

This is Sam Newman giving his take on the Superbowl and American football in general. MELBOURNE TALK RADIO:
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03 Aug 11 اختراع امريكى جامد amazing american invintion

it is a self heating canned food which uses an exothermic chemical reaction used by us army and homes these video introduced to you by ma2roof and camera man ahmed el hawary that is my finger you see up there
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Synopsis: The mention of nail salons often evokes images of acrylic nails, and heating lamps, neon signs and nail polish. The Vietnamese salon worker has also become synonymous within this industry. But who are these salon workers and what are their stories? this documentary was produced under the direction of robert nakamura, gena hamamoto and tad nakamura in conjunction with the center for ethnocommunications.
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19 Jul 11 American Disposal 5/1/09

Coming home from the dentist I got a American Disposal video.

ITS A “GARBAGE DISPOSAL SPLASH GUARD” i over exaggerated bout the price i found out their only like 2-3 bucks depending on were u buy it heres a vid of my ghetto speedfeed really cheap bought it for like 2 or 3 buck at a hardware store fits halo’s almost perfect just add sum crazy glue and ur good to go. also i show all my gear (not much) lol prob gonna buy a new gun soon yup, thx for watchin COMMENT!!!
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