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01 Aug 14 JURA J500 Anniversary Edition espresso machine


The Jura J500 Anniversary Edition features the high resolution, 3.5-inch color TFT display and the convenient rotary switch for self explanatory, intuitive operation. With the help of new animated icons, you can save and name up to 6 coffee drinks. Whether it is latte macchiato, espresso or cappuccino, your favorite drink is just a button push away. The espresso machine celebrates the 20th anniversary of JURA high quality technology and Impressa line.

The modern screen graphics not only make the coffee selection easy. The TFT screen, bright silver front, sleek black sides and high quality glass cup platform project sophisticated, contemporary design.

The new JURA J500 also features the Intelligent Pre Brew system, the ultra fast multilevel flavor grinder grinds, the integrated fine foam technology and the rapid thermoblock technology – all to ensure optimal preparation conditions and perfect taste. In addition, the JURA Anniversary Edition is equipped with programmable power saving mode ESM and the Zero-Energy Switch to eliminate unnecessary standby power consumption. Price is € 2,000. JURA.


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23 Jun 11 Win $600 Retail Products 9 Month Anniversary Lost 90 Pounds & Confidence Balance Lifestyle

Contest *** Comment on this video with your entry *** 2liscious is a play on delicious and Lassi (Mango Lassi is my favorite Indian desserts ) The prize will be 2 LaDou style blow-dryers (retails for 0) 2 thermal ceramic hair brush set (retail for 0) 5 circle heart key chains (retail ) 2 pink rhinestone belts (retail 0) 3 kabuki makeup brushes () Over 0 retail products If You Win You Are Allowing Me To Use Your Saying (Subtitle)…it is more of a saying which I will add to my logo ** I Will Need Your Address To Send The Items (Items Will Be Shipped By Usps With A Signature Confirmation) The Plug For The Hair Dryer Only Works In The United States And Canada I Will Be Back On Youtube 12/02/08 To Answer Contest Entry Questions Please post all entries to this video. Have A Great Holiday Thank You For Your Entry Submissions
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11 May 11 Mega Man 6 (Anniversary Collection) Power Suit Navi Mode Part 1 – Flameman

That’s one heck of a title. Yeah, it’s more Mega Man, but I figured I’d try something a little different. If I’m gonna play the same old games, I may as well make it interesting. First off, this is the Anniversary Collection for PS2. I’m playing in Navi Mode, which means two things – first, you get nonsensical hints from Dr. Light. Second, you get the remixed Complete Works music, which ranges from pretty catchy to OH MY EFFING GOD MY EARS!. It seems like something happened to the MM6 soundtrack, some of the songs sound particularly awful. I pause along the way to let you see the good Doctor’s comments. The other thing is, this is a Power Suit run. I only use the Power Adapter. The advantages of the power suit include increased power, and the charged-up punch has some pretty interesting properties I’ll show off. Unfortunately, you lose some range, the ability to slide, and your jumping becomes a lot less responsive. There are a couple places I turn off the suit (one in particular), but for the most part it’s places where it’s not possible or almost impossible to pass with it on. Seriously, you want perfection, go watch a good player. The run starts with a password to get the Power Adapter immediately, but since we can repeat Flameman’s stage with the suit, that’s what I do. Commentary in annotations.
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TanDog has just released his first album ‘In space no one can hear you say good morning!’ on Crude Spanner. It can be found on itunes, Amazon and other good download sites now! An edit by TanDog of B/W Amateur Film produced in the 1930s in New Jersey USA. TanDog acknoledges the infuence of the work of Dorothea Lange in this edit. Original at – Thank you for collecting, collating and making this material availible. Number Twelve of the Ghost Dances series . In this series TanDog is extending to the visual, Stockhaousens ‘Spectrum of time’ theory where the ‘ranges of perception are ranges of time, and the time is subdivided by us, by the construction of our bodies and by our organs of perception’ (See the influential essay “How Time Passes”) Using these ideas to show the people within the films and the difference between them and us(or lack of). They are Ghosts of the past that we see, but dont hear, were flesh, but we can not understand. Music Composition, Samples and Synthesis by TanDog (All Rights reserved)

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