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06 Dec 14 Ariete Pastamatic machine, 1950 Edition ultimate pasta maker


This is your authentic Italian pasta maker that would satisfy the most demanding past lovers. The automatic Pastamatic machine from Ariete is a practical and simple to use must-have for every pasta enthusiast.


First, you prepare the dough, then the 1950 Edition pasta maker does the rest. You need water, flour, fresh eggs and spices, and within minutes, the machine prepares your favourite type of pasta. With 6 different attachments and a special disc you can make every type of pasta as well as professional grade cookies and tarts. Ariete.


Pastamatic Gourmet 1950 Edition kitchen machine with glass blender
Ariete Pastamatic Gourmet kitchen machine, 1950 Edition





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08 Mar 14 Ariete Look & Toast toaster


The Look & Toast is the Ariete toaster with a transparent window that lets you see the colour of your toast any time. Bread is toasted gradually and evenly with halogen lamps. If you don’t like the toasts, the thermostat can be adjusted to the required level. The automatic switch off and slice eject system prevent any chance of burning.


The 900 Watt Ariete Look & Toast toaster also has defrost, heat and bagel functions. Other features of the dual slice Ariete toaster include timer, heating function, reset control, crumb tray. Price is around € 50. Ariete.


Toaster Brunch and Toast Time toaster
Russell Hobbs Easy toaster
Grundig modern toaster, White or Black Sense


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15 Dec 13 Ariete Choppy garlic peeler


The latest addition to the Ariete collection of colorful small appliances, the Choppy is a compact, versatile food chopper, capable of processing pretty much everything, including nuts, Parmesan cheese, fruits and vegetables. Choppy will crush ice for you and even peel garlic, thanks to the innovative peeler attachment.


The features and accessories of this innovative, very easy to clean Ariete garlic peeler include,
– .2 kW power
– 500cc bowl capacity
– ice crusher blade
– dual stainless steel blade
– garlic peeler
– turbo speed button
– cup with lid for storing food





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12 Dec 13 Ariete Drink’NGo with take-away glass

Drink’NGo is an innovative blender from Ariete with a tall take-away glass. Yes, the glass doubles as a blender bowl. An ideal blender for those who want home made smoothie away from home anytime, anywhere and with no hassle.


Practical and easy to use, Drink’NGo comes in orange or blue. The Ariete blender creates from the scratch smoothies and delicious milkshakes with your own fresh and natural ingredients. Comes with a recipe book.



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21 Dec 12 Ariete Hot Aqua Power vacuum cleaner


Hot Aqua Power is the 2.0 kW high-suction washing vacuum cleaner from Ariete with hot water function. You will have all the power and functionality needed to clean the dirtiest spots and dry them fast. With Ariete Hot Aqua Power, you can switch from hot to cold water and to add a chosen amount of detergent.

This vacuum cleaner also comes with the magic brush which sprays a significant amount of water while sucking at the same time. Adjustable suction power, water filter, 4-stage HEPA filter, 3 liter clean and dirty water tanks, 0.7 liter detergent tank, water empty and full dust tank indicators, automatic cord winder, magic brush for sucking water, window brush, nozzle, floor brush, parquet attachment, detergent and upholstery brush. Ariete.


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18 Dec 12 Multifunction microwave from Ariete


The cool looking 4-in-1 multifunction microwave from Ariete combines an oven, microwave, grill and bread machine. It comes complete with digital display for easy control of 10 preset programs, including a special bread baking, 7 cooking programs and defrost function.

This beautifully finished multifunction microwave features 1.3 kW oven, 1.0 kW grill, 0.9 kW microwave, 31cm diameter rotating plate and 25-liter cooking cavity. You can make 2 pounds of deliciously fresh bread. Other key elements are child lock, program end alarm, stainless steel interior and exterior. Comes with container, spatula and measuring cup. Price is around € 130. Ariete. Previously, retro coffee makers from Ariete.


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03 Dec 12 Retro coffee makers from Ariete


Cafè Retro Red and Cafè Retro Black bring you the charm of the yesterdays. The new robust, easy to use Ariete coffee makers will surely make a welcome addition to those, looking for cool retro look and modern performance.


Design includes 15-bar pump, steel body in black or red metal finish, toggle switches with indicator lights, temperature gauge, quality steaming and frothing with Maxi cappuccino device, aluminum boiler, 0.9 liter removable tank with visible water level, heavy filter holders for ESE pods and ground coffee, and removable metal tray. Seen in stores for as little a € 90.00. Ariete.


Previously, colourful small appliances from Ariete spice up your kitchen.


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