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23 Sep 13 ATAG gas hobs with Volcano wok burner


This professional-grade modular built-in gas hob, ATAG HG3171MB features the innovative Fusion Volcano wok burner, which renders concentrated heat into the middle of a wok pan, saving up to 50% on gas consumption compared with other wok burners. Volcano wok burner provides versatile dual output – 0.25 to 3.00 kW targeted inner flame for a highly effective and precise heat supply in the middle, and continuously variable 0.25 to 6.00 kW outer burner. The solid metal control knob and a ceramic glass plate give this robust gas hob a sophisticated look to match its high performance. Price is approximately € 670.


ATAG HG8411MBA is a sleek, 80 cm wide 4-burner built-in gas hob, featuring the innovative Fusion Volcano wok burner and 3 other gas burners. The arrangement of those 4 burners, and the fact that the wok burner is positioned on the left, creates generous space for different kinds of pots and pans. 4 matt black enameled cast iron pan supports, integrated ignition, thermoelectric No Flame – No Gas safety feature. Price is around € 1,250.


The panoramic, ergonomically designed 110 cm ATAG HG1471MBA features 2 middle standard gas burners with 0.36 to 2.00 kW output and 2 side Fusion Volcano woks. Price is € 1,575. ATAG.

ATAG double oven range cooker with Teppan Yaki
ATAG built-in oven with grill
ATAG induction hob


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20 Sep 13 ATAG double oven range cooker with Teppan Yaki


This 120 cm range cooker from ATAG, the FG1211DA features two ovens, a versatile rangetop with 7 cooking zones and a full width storage drawer. The stainless steel double oven makes any aspiring home cook feel like a top professional chef.

The rangetop has 3 flat, matt black enameled cast iron pan supports and 7 cooking zones, with the range of power wide enough for every imaginable type of cuisine. The stainless steel Teppan Yaki, heated by ceramic elements, offers 2 temperature zones 2.4 kW each. The gas burners include,
– left front 1.40 to 3.50 kW wok
– left rear 0.45 to 1.75 kW standard
– left middle 0.35 to 4.60 kW wok
– right front 0.24 to 1.00 kW simmer
– right rear 0.75 to 3.00 kW power

The 85 liter left multifunction oven offers 8 heating functions – hot air, bottom heat, top and bottom heat, top and bottom heat + fan, large grill, small grill, grill + fan and defrost. The 31 liter right conventional oven has bottom heat, top and bottom heat, large and small grill and grill. Both ovens have 5 shelf levels.

Other key features and accessories of this ATAG range cooker with double oven and Teppan Yaki are solid metal knobs, robust metal handles, integrated ignition with thermoelectric No Flame – No Gas protection, digital clock / timer with LED display, triple glazed CoolTouch doors, 2 enameled baking trays and 3 cooking grids. Sells for around € 6,900. ATAG.


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