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12 Nov 11 Buiding a conditioned attic in a hot & humid climate the right way!

My name is Matt Risinger of Risinger Homes and welcome to my Video Blog on Green Building and Building Science topics. Check out our latest creation. This is a tour of a spray foam insulated attic in Austin, TX. I’ll show you the why & the how of conditioned attics.
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03 Nov 11 Quiet Cool Whole House Fans Attic DIY Home Improvement

Whole house fans by Quiet Cool are a top choice if you want a quiet and high quality home cooling and ventilation system. Multi fan and multi-location systems are easy to install. Save money on your air conditioning bill. Call 877-667-4663 to order or visit
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CLICK HERE TO BUY : to Purchase Fine Shaving Products. Does your Water Heater ignitor glow, Produce Flame at Main Burner Assembly, then shut down and start the cycle over several times without staying on? If so Chances are the Flame Sensor is Covered with Oxidation or Residue . I will show you how to remove the Main Burner Assembly Sand off the residue form the Flame Sensor and Reinstall it so it will again work properly. Eliminating the TROUBLE Lights on the temperature control assembly.
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25 Sep 11 plastic Sprinkler Pipe in the Attic – Home Builder Blunder!

Another sprinkler pipe in the attic and mounted on the catwalk where the HVAC technician needs to stand! In the Phoenix area the city brilliantly decided that on larger square footage homes, the builders are required to install Fire Sprinklers. But of course the city doesn’t actually ENFORCE proper building, mechanical or safety codes on these tract homes! The inspectors seem to be complete idiots or just corrupt to pass these inspections for these retarded builders! The Sprinkler Pipe is PLASTIC! Great care should be taken and the sprinkler pipe installers should NEVER mount the plastic fire sprinkler pipe onto the catwalk. The catwalk that is meant for the HVAC technician to WALK and STAND on to perform service on the Air Handler or Furnace that is up in these 150 degree attics! For some reason, time and time again, I find the plastic sprinkler pipe mounted directly on the catwalk! Many times I have witnessed the MASSIVE water damage caused by the technician walking on the catwalk and the sprinkler pipe breaking! Sometimes the technician never actually TOUCHED the pipe itself. But the paper thin catwalk that the builder provides will flex enough to SNAP a 3 year old plastic sprinkler pipe without getting near the pipe! Another problem is the HAZARD to the technician. The building code states that there MUST be 30″ of catwalk for the technician in front of any attic mounted Air Handler or Furnace. Also 30″ of unrestricted access to the components, high voltage parts, etc
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Finishing Up Carl the Plumbers American Standard : Heat Pump & Air Handler !!! Thank You Carl for Helping me get my Micron Gauge !!! I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor (
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01 Aug 11 My Little Buddy Electric Attic Hoist Full Demo

An electric wire hoist for lifting water heaters, heaters, and other heavy objects into and out of the attic. This is the full demo. Also see the edited demos of hoisting just a water heater or just a heater in my playlist. See more on
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Solar colector made almost entirely of flexible material. This allows it to be placed directly over the rooftop. The colector (drawing 1-A) is secured to the rooftop by a number of flexible straps(drawing 1-B) protruding out of it’s edges The reservoir of the colector is black. It is made from a flexible watertight material.It’s shape,size and capacity can vary depending on the customer’s demands. A number of flexible sleeves (drawing 2-B) are attached to the inside of the reservoir (drawing 2-A) to help it keep it’s shape when filled with water. Along the bottom of the reservoir is attached a flexible insulating material.(drawing 2-C) Over the top and sides of the reservoir is attached cover made of a transparent flexible material(polyethilene?)(drawing 2-D) It is held in place on multiple points (drawing 2-E) The space between the reservoir and the cover is filled with air or another gas which will act as an insulator.(drawing 2-F) It can be filled trough a valve (drawing 2-G) mounted on the cover. On the upper part of the reservoir is installed a valve (drawing 3-A) It controls the water level inside the reservoir. The cold water intake hose (drawing 3-E) hooks up to the valve trough a connector (drawing 3-B) When the water level inside the reservoir falls ,the valve opens to allow cold water in to refill it. The cold water that goes trough the valve is sent to the bottom of the reservoir trough a dip tube(drawing 3-C) The exess air inside the reservoir is vented out

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21 Jul 11 Tankless Guy installs Navien in an attic

Tankless Guy is the foremost installer of tankless hot water systems in homes today. They have developed proprietary techniques and procedures that insures a successful installations every time.

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21 May 11 HVAC – Attic Installation Repairs

These things ‘happen’. The kinked/ripped refrigerant line is inexcusable. The sensing bulb attachment is just plain hokey. C’mon guys! The maufacturer provided the strap for a reason! USE IT!!! The sensing bulb needs to be held securely against the suction line in order to accurately sense temperature. Duct tape doesn’t cut it. Insulating the whole shebang is easy if you do it my way…

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29 Apr 11 HVAC/R Tips: How NOT to kill Yourself In An Attic

Fire extiguisher? Check. Escape route plan? Check. 12″ of blown in insulation to remember it by? Priceless.

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