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23 Oct 14 Philips Avance grill and taste infuser


Philips Avance Collection table grill can grill, griddle, barbecue and infuse delicious flavors. The compact table grill features unique wood chip infuser to add authentic smokey flavors and aroma infuser to enrich the taste with natural herb or wine flavors.


We have seen the concept of aroma infusion in the design of Beem Aromdepot grill express. In addition to being a taste infuser, the Philips Avance Collection is quite versatile, offering the choice of cooking with either a ribbed or smooth grilling surface. The smooth area is ideal for stir frying and grilling small chunks of food, while the ribbed surface creates that irresistible flame grilled effect. You can even grill with hot steam. In short, you can enjoy food the way you like it.


The non-stick surfaces of Philips Avance grill / taste infuser allow you to cook without added oil. Sloped grill makes the excess fat flow into the grease tray decreasing the unwanted smell and smoke. And with the broad temperature range from 70°C to 230°C, you can choose the ideal temperature for each ingredient, ensuring perfect results. See Philips Avance kitchen machine.


Other features include adjustable thermostat, dishwasher safe plate and grease tray, non-slip feet, grease tray storage, integrated on/off switch and power on light. In stores for around £100. Philips. Previously, Philips Avance juicer.



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09 Sep 14 Philips Avance kitchen machine


Made of the highest quality materials with the pivoting agitator arm and a powerful 900 Watt motor, the Philips Avance HR7958 kitchen machine comes with a range of accessories to help you prepare cakes, breads, pizza dough, cookies, smoothies, salad, soups and more in no time.


The stylish, retro looking 6-in-1 Philips Avance kitchen machine features 7 speeds, pulse function and advanced planetary stirring system that rotates in a unique back and forth motion. The stirrer rotates with a slight offset to the central axis of the bowl, reaching throughout the bowl, so the ingredients are very thoroughly mixed.


The 4-liter metal bowl of this kitchen machine handles the largest processing tasks. The metal handle and splash guard make it easy and safe to operate and carry. The Philips Avance HR7958 sells for around € 370. Previously, Philips Avance juicer.


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06 May 12 Philips Avance juicer


You will squeeze the very last drop of nutritious juice from your fruits and vegetables with this tough 800-watt Philips Avance juicer. You can make up to 2.5 liters of delicious juice with no precutting, since the juicer 8cm feeding tube takes whole oranges or apples with ease, while its 2 speeds for soft or hard fruits and vegetables allows you to extract juice from pretty much anything worth squeezing, like carrots, beets, celery, pears, etc.


All pulp is collected in the smooth and round pulp container for easy disposal, so there is no need to remove it from other parts. All removable parts are dishwasher safe. And thanks to the innovative juice extraction system with the upside down sieve, the Avance juicer extracts up to 10% more juice than other Philips juicers.


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