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24 Sep 15 Flama Indoor Barbecue


Flama Indoor Barbecue has a large cooking surface with 2 grilling positions, metallic tray and plastic base.

You also get a removable grease plate for easy cleaning and safety micro switch system. Flama.


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09 Jul 14 Cesarré KARA designer barbecue grill


Cesarré, the maker of designer outdoor furniture offers KARA, an efficient and modern sculpture-like BBQ grill that doubles as a decorative piece.


KARA is made entirely of highest quality steel with removable hearth. Price is around € 5,400. Cesarré.







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30 Aug 13 Manhattan gas barbecue grill by Enders Colsman


Thanks to its versatile functionality, premium equipment and its sophisticated appearance, the modern Manhattan gas barbecue grill provides a delightful outdoor experience. Even heat distribution, two 3.50 kW innovative Endertec burners, and thought-out features like take-out 11kg gas cylinder that can be stored in the cart and removable stainless steel grilling lid for open grilling enjoyment on the grill grate always ensure the best barbecue results.


Whoever places value on a particular look when grilling, will find the Manhattan gas barbecue to be the perfect partner for his barbecue parties in his circle of friends and family. With the overall appearance similar that of the Fuego electric grill, Manhattan comes with the innovative and unique Endertec burners to deliver the best grilling results. This modern grill brings the entire kitchen unit into the open – and in an elegant way. It has a clear, cubic shape, is made from high quality materials and is state of the art. It can be moved very easily due to two large, break-resistant wheels. This elegant gas grill will be the center of action at every barbecue party.


The key features of the Manhattan gas barbecue grill by Enders Colsman include,
– two completely separate grilling zones for individual preferences
– insulated and double-walled grill lid with integrated precision thermostat
– variable splashguard made from brushed stainless steel
– enamelled grates are in two parts and dishwasher-safe
– enamelled burner troughs and flame cover guarantees easy cleaning
– proven stainless steel ensures a long lifetime
– battery-free, reliable piezo ignition integrated in the control knob
– large storage space for grilling tools and accessories
– base cabinet with plenty of space to accommodate grill lid and accessories
– two large grease drip trays for extra long operating time
– stainless steel door with a strong magnetic catch
– ergonomic control knobs for continuous regulation regulation
– safe and back-friendly working height of 90 cm
– modern black / silver color combination
– removable, solid wooden board as a convenient working surface
– stable weather protection cover


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09 Jul 13 BeefEater BUGG compact barbecue


The compact BUGG completes impressive range of BeefEater grills. An efficient and space saving barbecue, BeefEater BUGG is a high power, robust and versatile grill that offers eye catching design and portability. Made of a lightweight cast aluminum with convenient grip handles on front and back, the BUGG body is easily removed from its stand and ideal for camping on your favourite grounds.


In spite of its seemingly diminutive looks, the compact BeefEater grill offers a generous 1,860 sq. cm cooking space and has sturdy detachable shelves, that can be stored inside the barbecue. BUGG also comes with a thoughtfully engineered wheel bag which accommodates the grill and its accessories.


The BUGG offers cooking flexibility as it comes standard with half grill and half plate. BeefEater equips this barbecue with 2 powerful, independently controlled, stainless steel D-shaped burners with integrated Quartz Start Ignition for evenly distributed and efficient heat. With up to 20 MJ/Hr, you will get excellent grilling results.


Besides being visually appealing, the stylish elliptical shape of the hood facilitates efficient convection cooking, ensuring even distribution of reflected heat when the hood is closed. An internal space 19 cm high allows enough room for cooking large steaks and fish. BUGG also features an innovative spring-assist mechanism for smooth operation. It also facilitates partial hood opening which is a must for certain cooking processes, and prevents abrupt closing.


Manufactured with high end materials, including aluminum, vitreous enamel steel, stainless steel, phenolic, enameled cast iron and heat proof nylon plastics, BeefEater BUGG compact barbecue will withstand the harsh elements and last a life time.

E Churrasco barbecue from Everdure
LotusGrill smokeless charcoal grill


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04 Jul 13 E Churrasco barbecue from Everdure


The E Churrasco barbecue from Everdure is an innovative and a world first grill that combines the flavour of charcoal cooking with the speed and convenience of gas ignition. Quick and easy to light up, E Churrasco is ready to cook for you in 15 minutes.


The dual function gas / charcoal barbecue is very portable, featuring integrated handles in the base, that allow you to carry the grill with ease whenever needed. The sturdy base means you can set E Churrasco on the rocks, boats, homes, balconies. Designed in Australia, the high quality barbecue grill with gas ignition sells for around 0 AUD. Everdure.




Everdure barbecue grills
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Everdure Neo Buddy portable barbecue


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12 Jul 11 How to Barbecue and Grill Tips by the BBQ Pit Boys

This is a quick introduction on how to grill like a pro at your next barbecue. See some of the basic tools and tricks required, including an explanation about the indirect grilling method required for a “low and slow” barbeque.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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11 Jul 11 Bacon Explosion Pork Bomb Barbecue by the BBQ Pit Boys

Pork Bacon addicts, rejoice! This delicious “Low and Slow” Pork Stuffed and Bacon wrapped Meat Loaf is not only outrageous, but it’s real easy to do, as shown by one of the BBQ Pit Boys!

Hilarious! Check out Howard popping a boner, Artie Lange snorting a pizza and eating Stuttering John whole, Booey as a chimp yanking Robin’s knockers with his tail and much more has-to-be-seen-to-be-believed!
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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