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21 Nov 11 Police Beat Protesters at OccupyCal

Yesterday, students, professors, and other supporters of the Occupy movement gathered at UC Berekeley’s plaza to join in OccupyCal. The university had told protesters they could stay around the clock for a week, only if they didn’t pitch tents, use stoves, or any other items that might suggest people would be sleeping there. The OccupyCal group voted not to comply with the demand and continued to peacefully set up a tent site. But then police used force, to get them to go and made arrests. Callie Maidhof Occupy Cal Protester explains.
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A video of tinny cooking dinner with a Heineken pot and nion stove
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12 Jul 11 China’s Green Beat – Rooftop Revolution Rooftop Revolution: China’s 40 million solar water heaters 屋顶上的革命:中国的四千万个太阳能热水器
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Sign up at for 12.0 AIA Continuing Education Credits by watching this entire program. Plan on attending the next Emerging Technology Symposium, May 11-12, 2010, in Ontario, Calif. For more details visit http Practical Plumbing Layouts Gary Klein, Affiliated International Management, LLC Gary lays out the plumbing for a typical building on the floor of the symposium room. This session explores: What is the most energy, water and time efficient way to install a hot water distribution system for a given floor plan? Where is it appropriate to use drain water heat recovery? How would you capture greywater and provide for greywater re-use in the same building? When should you install water heaters in multiple locations?
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21 Apr 11 bethany getting beat up by a dryer part 1

lol we tried once… we did it again!
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22 Mar 11 My Aunt Beat My Cousin with a Kenmore Refrigerator

Worst Beating I saw! in my LIFE! it scarred me! My SAVED! aunt beg the hell out of my lil cousin in 1989. He was 4 if he was 5.
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This Video Showcases One Of GE Appliances Many Different Kitchen Suites. Included Are A French Door Bottom Mount Refrigerator, Gas & Electric Ranges, An Over-The-Range Microwave (OTR), And A GE Exclusive “Smart-Dispense” Dishwasher. Video Courtesy Of Bryant Group, Inc.; Right Mind Media; And Nationwide.
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