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17 Aug 13 Belling Fanned Gas range cooker


The new Belling range cookers feature proprietary Fanned Gas technology from Glen Dimplex Home Appliances, delivering improved cooking performance and perfect baking results. The Belling fanned gas cooker collection offers a unique combination of radiant and convected heat, providing the even cooking temperature of a fanned oven with the moist cooking environment of a gas oven.

Keen bakers will enjoy the accuracy and even temperature distribution delivered by the collection, which promises just a +/- 5°C temperature variance versus the typical one of 19°C in a conventional oven, ensuring a perfectly even bake.

The new fanned gas collection is available in both 55cm and 60cm size options and features an On / Off switch, allowing you to switch seamlessly between conventional gas or fanned gas cooking.

The Belling FSG55TCF Fanned Gas range is a 55cm wide twin cavity cooker with fanned gas oven and gas grill. It features a 4-burner gas hob, including a large 4.0 kW wok burner, cast iron pan supports, push button ignition and lid. The main oven has a usable cooking capacity of 69 litres and features a side-opening glass door for ease of access.

The larger Belling FSG60DOF is a 60cm double oven with fanned gas in the main oven. It has all the features of the FSG55TCF with the addition of a separate conventional oven, fanned gas main oven, glass lid with auto shut off and LED clock programmer. Belling. Previously, Built-in double gas oven.


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14 May 12 Stoves Duo Cook and Belling Micro Cook


The new built-in ovens from Stoves and Belling now combine an oven and a microwave in the same appliance. Designed to maximise space, the Stoves Duo Cook SEB900FPSMW is a 90cm built-in electric cooker comprising of a 20 litre, 800 watt side-opening microwave with grill in the top cavity and a spacious 69 litre capacity fanned oven in the lower cavity.


The BI90FMW Micro Cook by family favourite Belling, also has a 90cm built in oven and 800 watt microwave with a fascia cooling system. The main cooking cavity plays host to a variable rate electric grill and oven with an easy to clean enamel finish.

Both built-in appliances are ‘A’ energy rated, will be manufactured in the UK and are available in black or stainless steel. A fully integrated into an electric cooker microwave makes the new ovens an ideal option for those seeking to save space and ideal for smaller kitchen. Stoves, Belling.


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18 Mar 12 50cm wide range cookers from Belling


Belling has launched new range of 50cm gas range cookers, further expanding its portfolio of 50cm freestanding appliances. The FSG50TC is a 50cm wide gas range oven with separate gas grill and the FSG50DO is a 50cm wide freestanding double oven gas range. The two conventional gas ovens, which are thought to be the only 50cm cookers currently being made in Britain, both have flame safety devices on all four hob burners, fascia-cooling systems and rotary controls.

Available in stylish silver, the new appliances share the same strong, modern aesthetic as the existing Belling 60cm freestanding range, with wide, sleek handles and a useful glass lid. To take the strain out of cleaning, the FSG50TC and FSG50DO also have easy to clean gloss enamel pan supports.

These new apartment size range cookers are perfect for modern consumers who only have a 50cm space in their kitchen but do not want to compromise on design. Belling. Other Belling range cookers.


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22 Jul 11 Colour boutique is launched by Stoves and Belling


Stoves and Belling have unveiled a new colour concept which will give you the opportunity to choose from 12 inspiring colours across some of their most popular range cookers. Colour Boutique, initially available in Range Centres across the UK from September, can be applied to all size and fuel variants of the Stoves Richmond and Belling Classic models – offering a total of 180 personalised colour/cooker combinations which is believed to be the biggest colour offering in the market.


Combining 4 seasonal trends – Fresh Spring, Summer Splash, Autumn Chic and Urban Winter – Colour Boutique offers 3 fashion-led colours from each of the 4 seasons. The themes offer a mix of dazzling bright colours, such as First Bloom, Rolling Countryside and Floral Burst, to softer colours such as Days Break, a pastel blue and Wild Berry, a deep purple.


According to Rob Burton, Commercial Manager for range cookers at Glen Dimplex Home Appliances, Colour Boutique is about consumers picking a colour palette that suits their taste and allowing them to personalise and add a splash of colour to their kitchen. For further information, visit Stoves Boutique or Belling Boutique.


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