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The demonstration / training video of Envirofit Improved Bio-mass Cookstove (2min version) in Tamil

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25 Oct 11 Making Biomass Energy Pellets from Old Tree Bark

I wanted to try making biomass energy pellets from tree bark, this is what happened. I haven’t burned any of them in my pellet stove yet but plan on doing that pretty soon. Might be pretty sad to watch pellets burning…
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A lightweight, easy method to make coffee while hiking.

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29 Sep 11 Gretna Florida Biomass Incinerator – Part 1 – James Maloy of Quincy, Florida and Dr. Ron Saff, an asthma an allergy specialist from Tallahassee, Florida present information to the Gadsden County School Board about the proposed Biomass Incinerator. Gadsden County stands to repeat history – already a casualty of the Biomass Industry back in 1985 when Southern Electric International constructed a Biomass incinerator to power clay dryers at the Floridin mine on Attapulgus Highway in Quincy, Florida. The plant was shut down in 1990 for polluting the air and making residents physically ill.
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24 Sep 11 Creative Biomass Inc. Wood Pellet Mill in Fitchburg, MA

Creative Biomass Inc. is a wood pellet mill located in Fitchburg, MA. Currently, the mill is producing “Perfect Pellets” which is a hybrid of 85% hard wood and 15% softwood for the highest BTU output with low ash. The mill also owns State Line Stove Shop in Mason, NH only 15 minutes from the mill. The store sells pellets at factory direct prices as well as pellet, wood and gas stoves and furnaces.

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25 May 11 About Biomass Stoves and Boilers

Information about burners for Biomass Fuels including stand-alone stoves, hydro stoves and boilers

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17 Apr 11 ClimateCare: Biomass Burning Stoves in India

Biomass stoves save schools money and carbon: This video gives an introduction to a project promoting the use of biomass burning stoves in India. Traditionally, crop wastes in the Punjab are burnt following a harvest. Now, farmers are encouraged to gather the waste and sell it to biomass briquette producing factories. These briquettes are then used in stoves for large-scale catering as a carbon neutral fuel alternative to the expensive liquid petroleum gas, leading to more money for the farmers and biomass factories, savings for the stove owners, and less carbon in the atmosphere! Each stove saves an estimated 39 tonnes of carbon. This project won an Ashden award for sustainable energy in 2005 and is supported by ClimateCare, a world-leading carbon offsetting company (Video credit: Ashden Awards)
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05 Apr 11 UD – ETHOS Program – Biomass Stoves and Solar Ovens

This video is interviews from students that worked on Biomass stoves and Solar Ovens. These simple efficient cooking technologies combat Indoor Air Pollution which is the #1 cause of death for children under the age of five in developing countries.
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26 Mar 11 Biomass Furnace, Pellet Stove, Corn Furnace, Corn Stove

The Endurance 50F by Fahrenheit Technologies is an efficient, forced air biomass furnace that burns shelled corn, wood and grain pellets, dried cherry pits and other biomass fuels to heat your whole home. Installed as a stand-alone furnace, an add-on furnace or in-room stove, Endurance combines the environmental benefits of biomass fuel, with the convenience of self-cleaning, low-maintenance operation. Fahrenheit Technologies, Endurance corn stove furnace, pellet stove furnace. Heat your home with renewable fuels – shelled corn, wood pellets and other biomass materials

I’ve had many requests, and I do mean many, to do more tests on hand-made alcohol stoves for sale on eBay. In this video I test my second stove purchased from eBay. The sale included the stove, primer pan, pot stand and a penny all for a total of just .00. No shipping added. Nice deal! If you’re interested in the stove and you can’t figure out who the seller is send me an email and I’ll tell you. Update: I been asked what is the weight of all this: 41g = 1.4 oz. = .09lb That’s after the one burning, there might be something left in the stove. Lab0112 Title: eBay Alcohol Stove 2 -Boil Test Room temp: 52° Humidity: 45% Weather condition: Sunny Burner: Soda can – 1.6″ tall – 3 filler holes (1/16″) – 6 burner jets (5/64″) Stove/Pot stand: Hardware cloth 1/4″ squares – 9 high x 49 long Pot: Standard pot #1 Fuel: Denatured Alcohol (Ace) Amount of fuel: 1 fluid ounce Amount of water: 2 cup(s) Water temp at start: 60° Time to boil : 10 minutes 24 seconds Time to run-out: 19 minutes 37 seconds Water temp at run-out: NA NA = Not Applicable / Not Available
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