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23 Nov 11 Bear Den Campground Blue Ridge Parkway Campground

For family fun camping to romantic get-away cabins, Bear Den, in the beautiful Pisgah National Forest of North Carolina, is just right for your mountain vacation. Enjoy 400 private, wooded acres adjacent to the Blue Ridge Parkway. Hiking trails, waterfalls and majestic mountain views surround the 144-site campground, rental cabins and Mountain Villas.Modern conveniences at each campground site include water, electricity, picnic tables and fire rings. Pull-thru RV camp sites, most with full hookups.Our rental cabins range from primitive Campin Cabins to luxurious, completely equipped and furnished rental cabins that sleep up to 10 vacationers.Our campground Trading Post has just about everything you will need to enjoy your camping or cabin vacation. Modern bath houses, stocked fishing and swimming lake and coin-operated washer and dryers make it easy to enjoy your vacation or weekend get-away. Distributed by Tubemogul.
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18 Oct 11 Minecraft part 6: Really, Blue?

The best video. That sign was actually his. It was the one on the outside of his house. Also, this video is an apt demonstration of why you build your houses around someone else’s house. I was stealing stuff from underneath his chest. Oh, right, the cobblestone ended up being used to make ovens. Yes, those ovens.

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15 Jul 11 Blue Garbage Truck 2-23-10

Recorded on February 23, 2010 using a Flip Video camcorder.

I finally found a different CWS MSL than 64! And this one’s got a real Autocar growl to it!! Enjoy, and don’t forget to comment and rate!! Thanks to the driver 😀

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11 Jul 11 Blue Barrel Disposal P5

Here is part 5 of the series

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25 Apr 11 Engineering Britain’s Superweapons [Ep3 1/5] “Blue Streak”

While having access to nuclear bombs provides an immense advantage – they are still limited by the method of delivery – which for Britain in the early 1950s was the V-bomber. Ballistic missiles provided the more effective solution, capable of carrying nuclear warheads over vast distances, even between continents. So in 1954, Britain began the development of Blue Streak, a mid-range ballistic missile capable of launching nuclear strikes at ranges of up to 3700 km.

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06 Mar 11 Dacor Epicure EH3612SCH Under Cabinet Range Hood with Internal Blower, 4 Speed Control, Blue LED — Wall Mounted Hood Electronic Control Panel Auto ON Feature (auto-start adjusts speed automatically by sensing ambient temperature) 10-minute Delay Timer Halogen Lights
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A brief introduction to Windster’s elegant and efficient WS-55 Series under cabinet range hoods.

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19 Feb 11 Donut Wood Stove – Simple Blue Flame Wood Gas Stove

Last update: 2010-11-06 Donut-shaped stove which burns with a short blue strong flame. Boils 1 litre of water from 23C in 12 minutes. 54 minutes burn on one can of wood. This video shows the the first prototype. For the latest version click here: WARNING: Smells smoky. Light smoke with pot of water on it. Carbon monoxide reading of 112ppm when burning and 177ppm when flame is out, which is deadly if used inside a small tent. Always use under a fume hood which exhausts air outside the house or use it outdoors. -height 120mm, dia 98mm. 20 4mm holes -donut hole dia 40mm, height 90mm. IMPORTANT: fill pellets up to 10mm below hole. -290g hard wood pellets -add one layer of charred pellets before adding fuel to prevent small smoke puffs when pyrolysis reaches holes. Note: my preferred method to light pellets now is to add a bit of methyl alcohol to some expanded wood pellets and then light. Expanded pellets are made by placing some a few sheets of wet newspaper on top of a layer of pellets and then wait for the newspaper and pellets to dry. Store the expanded pellets in a jar until needed. – Burn time: 54 minutes – Pot stand for 10mm gap IMPORTANT : Either put the stove on a grate or design a grate and hole at the bottom of the stove for air. – I tried cooking with this several more times, sometimes it is very blue and other times less so. For this video, I believe the wax used as fire starter and my use of the Apple Nano to record this contributes to the

Ultra light, inexpensive hobo stove you can build out of recycled materials. This stove is designed to take advantage of a steady wind to produce boil times that rival exotic fuel stoves. Learn our trick for making wood fired hobo stoves easy to use. Make safe drinking water without carrying fuel or building a campfire. The setting for this video is Long Schooner Lake located inside North Frontenac Parklands, Canada. Detailed plans for this DIY project are available for download from Please visit: For one funny, singing, riding, hanging, playing, hiking dude with many entertaining hobo stove videos check out Shugemerys Channel

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